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Community Forums › Miniature Gaming › GW Warhammer 40k › Lucky 13's Mega Battle #1 Sat Feb 9th
Lucky 13's Mega Battle #1 Sat Feb 9th

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Joined: Dec 31, 1969
Posts: 397
Location: Merlyns

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:06 pm    Post subject: Lucky 13's Mega Battle #1 Sat Feb 9th

The 1st of the Lucky 13's MEGA-Battles is almost upon us.
Sat Feb 9th, starts at 11AM.
if you would like to help with terrain, setup or what ever let me know- Mike

Heres the details!

If it’s green, we can kill it

When we hit the outskirts of Hive City Edrus, we hit hard. My memory of the drop is hazy but I recall scanning the Valkyrie’s transport cabin, secretly gauging the expressions of the others. Each face seemed a little more grim than the last but, Emperor save them, I can’t recall the last time I saw the blemish of fear on the weathered faces of these Mordant 13th. The men were like statuary, unmoving even as we careened off course from the first direct hit. Somehow, Darvis set that smouldering bird down within sight of the drop zone and when I came to, Sarge was already pressed against the bay doors letting off rounds at some unseen assailants. I hauled myself to my feet, my head still swimming as I scrambled to gather my kit. I stooped down to pick up the dataslate with the coordinates of our first objective. It was going to be a long walk, but hankfully these gakking greenskins couldn’t hit the broad side of a Baneblade with their manic shooting. Weapons at the ready, we burst through the doors into the unforgiving night air to find glory or meet our fate, whichever came first.

Scenario Rules

This Scenario follows all of the rules detailed on page 17 of the Apocalypse book with the following additions and amendments.

• Setup.
The line that indicates No Mans Land is preset and travels from one corner of the table to the opposite corner of the table, thus dividing the playing area exactly in half. The side that has Ork armies as part of its makeup may choose which deployment zone to deploy in to represent their ‘home field advantage’. The table should have approximately 1 objective for every two players participating. These will be a combination of ‘Orkified’ city ruins and objective counters provided by the store and players. The example shown below is for a table 12’ x 4’, but sizes may vary.

• Ork Buildings.
The reinforced Ork buildings on the table are vitally important and may house valuable data as to the findings of the ongoing Ork excavation. These buildings offer +1 to cover saves of any unit that occupies them to reflect the hastily constructed defenses and Orky “improvements”. In addition these buildings count as Vital Objectives as per the rules on pg. 187 of the Apocalypse book. This information is not secret and should be disclosed to all players at the beginning of the game. As such, all Ork buildings should be evenly distributed between each side’s deployment zone and any remaining buildings placed in No Mans Land.

• Player-Brought Objectives.
Players that put in the effort to model their own objectives gain a special bonus. In addition to counting as a standard objective for all players, any appropriately modeled objectives also bestow the benefits of a Key Building Stratagem (pg. 34-35 Cities of Death book) to a single unit controlled by the player who owns the objective counter. The effects of the objective should be disclosed to all players by the owner of the objective. Any of these objective counters must be placed in a building and cannot be placed within the owning player’s deployment zone.

Mustering Forces
You may bring a force between 1,000 pts and 2,000 pts to the battle (bring up to 4000 if you can, we may not use em all but I'd like to have the option if we need to make it bigger). You may include any units detailed in any Codex, Approved White Dwarf Article, Imperial Armor Book or Datasheet, but must have a copy of the rules for each unit you intend to field. You may choose units from multiple codices, but allied forces may not be designated as hated enemies as per the Allies Matrix on pg. 198 of the Apocalypse Book. You may choose one Strategic Asset for your force regardless of size. A difference in points per side will be mitigated by inclusion of additional Strategic Assets as per the standard Apocalypse rules.


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Joined: Dec 31, 1969
Posts: 397
Location: Merlyns

PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 10:30 am    Post subject: Re: Lucky 13's Mega Battle #1 Sat Feb 9th

Here is the recap
(done by Andy)

Mega-Battle 1 (2/9/08) – Merlyn’s Game Store
Dark Angels: This army was run by Sean, it comprised entirely of Terminators, the weapons varied and there was even a Titan Hammer Formation amongst the force. The army sat in reserves waiting to drop in on the unsuspecting enemy and take advantages of weak points.
Blood Angels: Fast moving Rhinos brought the Blood Angel Marines, commanded by Karl, to the forefront of the battle ground. A pair of Devastator squads held up inside of a fortified wall as they poured fire into the oncoming ranks of Mayhem troops.
Black Templar: Mike’s army had no center feature; the Black Templar army pulled units from across its codex and so was able to put what was needed into the situation it could handle (usually). A Land Raider and it’s command squad was I believe the most pricey squad fielded (even higher than the Big Stompa).
Eldar: John’s Revenant Titan was the center piece of the Eldar forces, its size and power held dominance over the far west corner of the battle field. Heavy Eldar tanks provided a powerful strength to the west side as well. The majority of the Eldar forces sat in reserves waiting for their chance to strike their enemies rear.
Orks: The large Ork population in the area made it easy to recruit the massive numbers of Orks needed by the Forces of Mayhem. With the godlike Big Stompa, a plethora of looted vehicles, mobs, and Trukks, the Orks were the primary attack muscle of their side. Tyler used Ork’s low price and brutal melee skills as effective death squads
Tzeentch: Even though relatively light in number and points Kris’s Marines of Tzeentch, fought with unfaltering vigor. Their invulnerability saves protected them, greatly when facing the Revenant Titan.
The Forgotten Legion: This army was the largest (point wise) on the battlefield, and I was its commander. This legion consisted of fast moving Plague Marine strike squads, Demons of immense strength and ferocity (Tyranids), and Plague Guard’s (Imperial Guard) tanks, including a Baneblade.
Necrons: Kory was both our team’s General and the primary center force to our battle plan. With their large numbers of Necron Warriors and Destroyers, the Necrons were able to hold their objective and protect the Disruptor Beacon, while still being able to strike out against the encroaching hostile forces.
The forces of Evil placed down their units first while the forces of Order planned out their strategy. Each player essentially took up a chunk of the DZ (deployment zone) and placed anything that was going onto the board into it. The Rubric Marines and other Tzeentch followers held the Western flank. I deployed my Plague Marine Strike squads just east of their primary force, them backed by a pair of Tzeentch Rhinos counted up to a total of 7 squads with transports.
Further East sat the Necron’s HQ, the Necron warriors were packed almost shoulder to shoulder to fit them all into their allotted space. Among them sat one objective (the Ork command Node) and the Disruptor Beacon. I placed a pair of massive daemons (carnifexes) near to their front lines to help take out incoming tanks and melee units. The Baneblade separated this and the following armies from one another.
Still headed on down the line sat the Ork mobs. The giant Big Stompa sat as our center piece of destruction and power. Mobs of Orks and Trukks swarmed its base and the buildings surrounding it. Looted vehicles of all kinds stalked the back field of our DZ. Just west of the Big Stompa sat the Battle Wagon packed with Mega-Nobz ichin’ for a fight.
Finally, the remainder of my army sat to the far East. A pair of Havoc squads occupied a nearby Imperial Fortification and a reinforced wall. The trio of Basilisks was placed in the back corner, able to fire the entire length of the table if the need for artillery arrived. A pack of Cadavers (Slugga Boyz) lead by their mortician (Grotsnik) as well as my Terminator Lord and Retinue were the designated protectors of the area.
Our team held back my brood of Daemons (Tyranids), the Necron Monolith along with several swarms of Scarabs, and a couple other squads in reserves waiting for their chance to strike.
After we had finished placing our troops, the forces of ‘Good’ deployed theirs. A Revenant Titan was placed in the far west along with a squadron of Anti-Grav heavy Tanks, and 2 Devastator squads. A team of Blood Angel bikers held the large Ork building with a Dreadnought from the same Chapter. The Farseer and retinue of the Eldar craftworld held up behind one of the buildings near no-man’s land. Traveling East you’d come across a rather large detachment of vehicles. Included was a large assortment of tanks ranging from Rhinos to Predators. A Line-Breaker Formation had been placed into cover, to protect them from incoming fire. Still further and a pair of Land Raiders finished off the Deployed forces on the table. One Land Raider belonging to the Blood Angels, the other to the Black Templar.
Turn 1
After the mayhem side had deployed their forces, Order placed their troops. Mayhem had bid 6 minutes and Order bid 8. My team had the first volley of fire. Without many infantry squads on the board small arms fire had to wait for the heavier equipment to take out their transports. The Big Stompa dealt the most damage (point wise) in both turns. In the first turn the Lifta-Droppa destroyed the Blood Angels Land Raider, by lifting the tank high into the air and slamming it into the ground. Its Death Company crew poured from the smoking wreckage and into a tide of bolter fire. The only member of the squad that remained at the end of the barrage was the Captain. The Big Stompa continued to unleash a torrent of fire upon anything in range destroying or disabling at least 2 more tanks in the same turn. In addition the Stompa unleashed its 3 Super Rokkits into the Revenant Titan, 2 hit, one was saved, but the third on hit directly into the titan and blew off a large chunk of its torso (1 Structure point lost). The squadron of Rhinos surged forward grabbing the objectives within range and pelting a pair of Devastator squads with Havoc Rockets and bolter fire. The center of the battle field exploded as Ordinance weaponry tore into the Line Breaker Formation and the other tanks positioned in the center. The Baneblade and Ork looted vehicles were relentless in their massacre, of the vehicles still ‘functional’ most had been effectively removed from the fight. Yet due to a series of bad rolls, the Black Templar Land Raider that was positioned on the East side had been un-phased by the attempts on its life by anti-tank fire and ordinance, from my troops.
Although stunned by the results of the first half of the turn, the retaliation was none the less brutal. The tanks of the center line rushed forward into firing range and opened up killing whatever they could hit. Smoke fluttered upwards from the Rhinos (smoke launchers) who were ignored for the heavier tanks during the last shooting phase. The Revenant titan unleashed its Pulsar guns into the Tzeentch Marines positioned in front of it. The shots were devastating of the intial 20 only a handful of marines stood after the pair of shots. The Eldar Farseer let loose an Eldrich Storm upon the Rhino squadron. Disabling a Rhino, this was then finished off by Prism-Cannon fire shot. It also spun another Rhino backwards which was nearly destroyed by 2 lascannon shots. The Eldar Shadow Weaver tank fired off its weaponry killing a couple newly exposed Plague Marines. Deathwing troops appeared across the board as their teleporters kicked in. However, unbeknownst to the Deathwing commander a Disruptor Beacon had been deployed at the epicenter of the majority of the deep striking Terminators. 3 Squads were diverted from their original deployment areas. 2 landed safely in opposite sides of the North edge of the board, but 1 had missed and scattered off the board. Most of the squads were assault class and so lacked ranged firepower. Of the squads that were deployed one of them a set of them were the Titan Hammer Formation. A Vortex Grenade was thrown at the Ork Command Node in hopes of scattering into the titan, but unluckily the grenade scattered off 6” from the Titan, pulling those unfortunate souls into the warp.
Turn 2
The Mayhem team began their second turn by reorganizing the front lines allowing the powerful rear units to get into melee/firing range. Of the Rhinos that were left, they formed a protective barrier around the spilled out troops. With lumbering stomps the Big Stompa moved away from the slowly tumbling vortex grenade, which moved slightly closer at the start of the turn taking several Orks with it, before it began its second turn of firing. A ruthless stream of fire mowed down anything in range of the weapons. A vindicator was lifted from behind a building and dropped on top of another effectively taking both of them out of the fight. The Baneblade and other vehicles deployed in the center area continued to take pot shots at the tanks and infantry on the North side of the board. With a resounding whoosh the monolith landed directly in front of the enemy center line. Its particle whip blew apart a squad of Blood Angels concealed in a burned out building. The scarab swarms swirled around the base of their beloved Death shrine.
With the presents of infantry directly in front of them, a tidal wave of fire erupted from an assortment of arms. Terminators even protected by their Tactical Dreadnought armor, shuddered and toppled under the sheer amount of gunfire being poured into them. No squad in range finished this shooting phase with its starting amount. A massive assault commenced shortly thereafter. Anything with a power weapon or attacks stampeded forward tying up the Terminators in an orgy of blood and death. The majority of Terminators were cut down, but those not killed outright fought back, slaughtering anything within reach. Casualties were high on both sides.
The Black Templar Land Raider had lost its Assault Cannon due to the Big Stompa. It was also forced to dump its load of troops onto the battle field. Both the tank and the troops had been ultimately unhurt for the remainder of the turn. In the movement phase a pack of blood thirsty daemons (Raveners) had been brought in from reserves their melee combat skills devastated an entire terminator squad.
From my point of view, their plan had failed and we had secured victory. However, the other team still had a couple tricks up their sleeves. Making use of the Flank March asset they were able to position 3 Land Speeders, a Dreadnought, and even an entire squadron of Eldar jetbikes and Vypers directly behind our front lines. The Land Speeders destroyed my entire basilisk team. A dreadnought charged the back of my Baneblade shaking its main gun and causing a structure point. Elder Jet Bikes flew in from behind opening up into the rear of the Necron warriors, dropping many in their rank. A flight of Falcons swooped onto the battlefield and butchered any Rubric Marine not in melee combat. Assault Marines armed with Melta Bombs rushed in from the rear and assaulted the Big Stompa, the bombs removed 2 structure points and stunned the Lifta-Droppa crew. The proceeding stomps only managed to catch 3 marines under its feet.
With an immense roar the Revenant Titan leaped the Imperial building it was hiding behind and opened fire destroying multiple targets. The towering construct began to crush the Rubric Marines at its base. The remaining anti-tank weaponry fired upon the Monolith leaving it nothing but a smoldering husk of a pyramid.
From corner to corner the majority of ranged weaponry had been replaced with Knives and Chainswords. The melee ragged across battlefield as more infantry fed the ever fluctuating brawl which spanned nearly half the board. The last of the Terminators had teleported in and were preparing to assist their allies in the fray.
Final Tally
Sadly due to time and lack of punctuality by some of the players we were unable to take a 3rd Turn. So we called the game and tallied up the objectives captured.
The battle had been pretty much one sided. However, the forces of Order had been able to capture multiple objectives and hold many others. Of the non-contested objectives each side held 3. The remainders were surrounded by swirling melees and/or close range shootouts. Initially we were going to call it a draw till the Ork player (Tyler) brought up the fact that our Ork Command Node was home made and Orky it counted as a vital Objective and so that put us over the Forces of Order, giving us (team Mayhem) the win. While initially the battle was supposed to be much larger, but several people did not show and so we had to adapt to the new point values and Player sides.

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