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Iron man 22.6%

Watchmen 17.7%

Batman Begins 15.8%

V for Vendetta 14.3%

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6.5%

The Crow 5.4%

Spider-Man 5.3%

X-Men trilogy 5.1%

Superman (Reeve) 3.3%

Daredevil 1.9%

Ghost Rider 1.4%

Fantastic Four 0.6%



I think from comic to movie it would be a tie of TMNT (the first movie) and The Crow.

TMNT was literally the first 12 issues and the Crow was PRETTY close to page to screen.

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It does say BEST, not CLOSEST. Granted, I enjoy the older Superman movies more...but I dont think theyre close to the comics. But theyre far superior in many other ways.

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