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Community Forums › Miniature Gaming › GW Warhammer 40k › Lucky 13's events MAY & APRIL EDITION
Lucky 13's events MAY & APRIL EDITION

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Joined: Dec 31, 1969
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Location: Merlyns

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:44 am    Post subject: Lucky 13's events MAY & APRIL EDITION

Here is the list of Lucky 13's events for the months of April and May:

Saturday April 19th @ 4PM: Painting/ Modelling Day

Sunday April 27th @ 11AM: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly* Apocalypse MegaBattle

The Badguys: Dark Eldar, Chaos, Orks

The Goodguys: Imperium, Eldar, Tau

The Ugly: Necrons, Tyranids

Background: The Dark Eldar have established a temporary raiding base on the Crone World Mephiso where they hold captive several powerful psykers, an Imperial Inquisitor Lord, a Space Marine Librarian, an Eldar Farseer and a Tau Ethereal. The Dark Eldar intend to condition the psykers in order to execute a heinous plan to use them to subjugate their respective worlds. Each psyker also happens to be an important figure to their respective races, thus rescue is preferred over total destruction of the base.

Each of the goodguy races have received intelligence concerning the captured psykers and have mobilized to affect a rescue. What the goodguys don't realize is that the Dark Eldar actually leaked the intelligence in order to spring an ambush and take slaves. The Dark Eldar hired Chaos and Ork war bands to bolster their forces (and make the survivors into more slaves).

Necron and Tyranid players get the Flank March asset for free, but they must keep all their forces in reserve until the second turn. When they enter play they may attack anyone they want to.

The psykers are located at objectives that may be guarded by a single badguy squad at deployment. If a goodguy race captures the objective containing their respective psyker, they gain access to that psyker for the rest of the game. If a goodguy captures an objective for a different race's psyker, the psyker is killed by the rescuers…xenophobia and all that rot. Which psyker is where won't be revealed until the objective is taken.

Layout: The raiding base is located in the center of the table. At the very center of the base there is a special disruptor beacon. The Dark Eldar player gets to roll 3 dice to get a 4+ success, but may only move the offending unit to the border of the beacon (and NO, not off the table). This disruptor beacon is protected by a warp field giving it an effective armor rating of 13 with 2 structure points. *(designed by Sean Conner)

Saturday May 17th @ 4PM: Modelling/ painting/ Terrain Day

Sunday June 1st @ 11AM:
- Recent events have suggested that Ahriman and his minions that have woven a trap for the Mordant 13th Regiment by twisting the skeins of fate and even influencing the reading of the Emperor's Tarot in the Cadian High Command. Could this be true? Are the Lucky 13s truly the pawns of the Dark Gods? And who is keeping a close eye on the planet of Tunusk?

Bring in your Chaos Forces to lead the uprising or bring your Daemonhunters and another Imperial Forces to help the Lucky 13s face their nemesis. Also find out why the enigmatic Eldar have yet to determine their course of action.

***remeber that you can always come in and play on a game on Wednesday Night and receive a stamp once a month, or get another by purchasing a Apocalypse formation once a month.***

-Later Mike Green

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