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Dark Horse fantasy, mythic, magic, mystical/esoteric/occult

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:59 pm    Post subject: Dark Horse fantasy, mythic, magic, mystical/esoteric/occult

Probably my favourite genre in the last several years has been mythical/magical/mystical/esoteric/occult/fantasy comics, and of course I have read a lot of the DC and Marvel series on these, but in the last several years Dark Horse has been publishing a lot on that so I wanted to talk about them and see if anyone else likes them.

Some years ago Dark Horse published 'The Occultist' one-shot and series, which I had not known about until a recent new volume of the series. It is about a college/university student who finds out about or is chosen to use a magical book that gives him powers, and he uses it to fight crime, or at least supernatural crime. I think the author said he thought of it sort of as if it was a 'Dr. Strange: Year One'. I still like Dr. Strange and similar magicians (maybe all inspired by Mandrake) a bit more, but probably only because they have had more issues, more of a story built up... if 'The Occultist' started to go on for as many issues and get like that, I would probably like it just as much. I just like these sort of series that get more into 'occultism' beyond just myth and magic.

Another Dark Horse series published recently was 'Eye of Newt', which the title is a term sort of mythologized in magic ideas about what a magician might use as part of some spell. The author is also the illustrator--a relatively famous one who did major children's books in the last few decades. I thought the art was great and the story was surreal and would be entertaining for most ages (well, all ages, but in one scene it has a little nudity, but maybe not any sort not in Disney's 'Fantasia', anyway). The story is based on the Arthurian mythos, but I will not give away details. I read that it was intended to be six issues, then the editor requested it be cut down to four, which was disappointing, because I would still have bought six issues... and it would be great if there is a sequel or few.

Another Dark Horse story is in the current, relatively new volume of 'Dark Horse Presents', and is called 'Dream Gang', about a guy living a droll life, who, if I recall, gets attacked in a dream, then meets someone who helps him and gets involved in trying to help others in dreams, or trying to save the 'world of dreams' that has been influenced by evil forces. The story is still going on and I guess I would describe it as rather magical or mystical, even if nothing else happened in the real life part of the story yet... even if it is more mystical than magical, I guess, if the hero starts lucid dreaming, it could be described as similar to the 'Inception' movie (though I have not seen it), or the probably several/many other mystical/occult comics involving lucid dreams. The art is well-done and extremely colourful, and if one likes that, probably even worth reading just for that... the story is interesting so far and is building up its idea of reality of the 'dream world' for the story, as if working by some sort of magic system.
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