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Lucky 13's final MegaBattle Nov 9th

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:49 am    Post subject: Lucky 13's final MegaBattle Nov 9th

Sunday November 9th, starting at 11am, be here early if you want in at the start.

The Story So Far

We return from the desperate conflict on Glavinus 5/7, where a seemingly benign Tau colonization fleet threatened to awaken a dormant legion of Necrontyr nestled amidst the planet’s jagged peaks. An Imperial interception force was dispatched and engaged the Tau in a battle that raged across the skies and along the planet’s surface. The prompt actions of the Imperials and their allies staved off what could have been a catastrophic resurgence of an evil, long dormant. Some Necron warriors managed to escape their stasis chambers, and materialized on the planet’s surface to defend their brethren, manning Necron Pylons hidden amongst the rocky crags. Thankfully, these grim sentries were dispatched early enough so as not to stir the slumbering thousands that rested deep within the stone. With the site secured, Imperial resources were re-deployed to Bonner’s Reach in preparation for the inevitable resurgence of the enemy offensive. Explorator Magos Thalius of the Adeptus Mechanicus remained on Glavinus 5/7 in the company of an Eldar Farseer by the name of Aenaron Kith. The pair was tasked to survey the site that had been uncovered nearly 300 years before. While examining the inscriptions of a winding passage, Aenaron uncovered text that recounted an ancient conflict between the Necrontyr and the minions of the Warp. In deciphering the text, the pair discovered a description of a great weapon of the gods; a massive stone edifice used to collect and amplify the emotion and mental anguish of a planet’s populace to levels of catastrophic power. The weapon was utilized by the minions of Dark Gods to tear great holes in the fabric of reality utterly obliterating entire planets on a whim, but the antediluvian device required the psychic guidance of those attuned to the warp’s power to control it. It was the mutual conclusion between Aenaron and Thalius that the dark stone beneath Bonner’s Reach must be the remnants of such a device, and the Sorcerers of the Chaos Legions had employed the help of greenskin Weirdboyz and other psyker renegades to try to locate and activate the device. Armed with this information, Thalius and Aenaron made haste to Bonner’s Reach where they began to muster every psychically adept warrior at their disposal. This was to be a battle fought with more than rifle and blade, this was a battle that would also be won through sheer force of will and manipulation of the intricacies of the mind.

This morning I awoke with a crippling ache between my ears. Looking around it seemed I wasn’t alone. The rest of the platoon was enduring similar discomfort and things were so grim Private Aubin didn’t wake up at all, his eyes had rolled back in his head and blood steadily trickled from his ears and nose. It was as if an unseen force had our heads in a death grip and wasn’t letting go until we buckled. Something unsettling surrounded us, the air was charged with tension and electricity. It was like the calm before the lightning strikes. To make my throbbing brainpan even worse, the sound of the perimeter alarm started to reverberate through the corridors. I guess there was no time for re cooperation or rest, as warfare waits for no man.

Scenario Rules
This Scenario follows all of the rules detailed on page 17 of the Apocalypse book with the following additions and amendments. Note that this scenario is written with the 5th edition Warhammer 40,000 rules in mind.
Setup. The line that indicates No Mans Land is preset and travels diagonally down the center line of the table, from one corner to the other. Both sides should have a player roll a D6. The
side which rolls highest may choose which side they will deploy in. Spread evenly around the table should be five areas denoted as Exposed Arcane Ruins. There should be one Exposed Arcane
Ruin in each deployment zone and three Exposed Arcane Ruins spaced out evenly in No Mans Land. These terrain features have additional rules as noted below.
Alliances Forged For this battle the possible armies in play will be divided along the following lines:
Imperial: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, Eldar, Tau
Enemy: Tyranids, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Dark Eldar Necrons.
If the sides are uneven then equalize the sides by awarding more Strategic Assets to the side in need. In extreme circumstances you may switch players to other sides, but Imperials and Eldar should always be on the side opposite the Chaos and Ork forces.
Exposed Arcane Ruins The network of dark stone underfoot acts as a bridge to the raw power of the warp and amplifies the power of psychic abilities; at times to an uncontrollable degree.
Models denoted as Psykers within 12” of any Exposed Arcane Ruin may cast an additional psychic power each turn, which may be one cast previously. However, powers used above and beyond
the norm will provoke a Perils of The Warp test on the roll of any double. Daemonic units entering play from reserves or arriving via Deep Strike will not scatter if brought into play within 6” of an Exposed Arcane Ruin. Arcane Ruins count as Chaos Icons for the purposes of summoning daemons.
A Battle of the Mind. This battle is fought with more than courage and weaponry. The psychic binding of the stone and mental control of the ruins’ link to the unparalleled power of the
Warp is of paramount importance in this battle. To reflect this, any model with the Psyker special rule counts as a scoring unit in this scenario, even if they an Independent Character. Units of Psykers (i.e. Seer Councils etc.) count collectively as a single scoring unit
unless they can legally be broken out of the unit (i.e. Warlocks joining Guardian squads). Troops units still count as scoring units, though only Psyker units can contest objectives held by other
Psykers. This means that if an objective is not held by a Psyker, it may be secured by a scoring unit as per the normal rules.

Mustering Forces
You may bring a force between 1,500 pts and 3,000 pts to the battle. You may include any units detailed in any Codex, Approved White Dwarf Article, Imperial Armor Book or Datasheet, but must have a copy of the rules for each unit you intend to field. You may choose units from multiple codices, but allied forces may not be designated as hated enemies as per the Allies Matrix on pg. 198 of the Apocalypse Book. You may choose one Strategic Asset for your force, regardless of size. A difference in points per side will be mitigated by inclusion of additional Strategic Assets as per the standard Apocalypse rules.

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