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Where is my Brightest Day & Heroic Age?

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:58 am    Post subject: Where is my Brightest Day & Heroic Age?

The following has nothing to do with being hateful towards comics as much as it is an opinion of a guy who's been reading them for some time.
The views expressed by me are not necessarily those of Merlyn's or it's employees.
(Especially Kevin, since he knows comics way more than I do)

Now, anyone who knows me, knows I love comics. I've been reading them since I can remember.
Along with those comics have been some high points and low points.
For every Death of Superman, there's a Rob Liefeld Captain America cover.
For every Kingdom Come, there's a Rob Liefelds Youngblood.

Earlier this year, DC and Marvel both decided to "change directions" and give their audience some more feel good stories.
Marvel has given us it's HEROIC AGE.
After the devastating events of Norman Osborn destroying Asgard and the Avengers, he was quickly defeated and Tony Stark is back.
Or is he?
In Iron Man Legacy, we see a broke Tony Stark practically begging for funds for new inventions.

In New Avengers, we see the newly founded group thrust into the future to see what?
A almost completely destroyed Earth.
But hey, that's typical problems for the big groups, huh? So let's move over to Peter Parkers life. That HAS to be better since he made a pact with devil to save his Aunt May, who then turned around and took away Mary Jane in exchange.

So, after talking to Dr. Strange, who isn't really the main Occultist in charge now, that's Dr. Voodoo, Peter tries to get his life back in line.
Well, the Daily Bugle building is destroyed, Peter tried to save JJ by photoshopping a picture and was caught, thereby losing his job and is now broke, again.
And Mary Jane? Well she remembers he was Spidey, but they've both decided that it's probably better to be split up, so as not to endanger Mary Jane's life and also because she can't stand the thought of him being gone and in danger.
**Sidenote - am I the only one who thinks Mary Jane isn't good enough for him? I mean, geez, whatta high maintenance chick!

So where's my Heroic Age? Is this it, because I'm not seeing any changes. Was it a one shot and if so, why are there other titles that list HEROIC AGE over the top?
Am I missing something? You know, besides the HEROIC AGE mini-series that isn't that Heroic?
I realize that comics need a bad guy. Without Ying there can be no Yang, but Yang's getting the crap kicked out of it pretty good and I'm not seeing the silver lining out of it.

I shouldn't pick on Marvel too much. I mean, there's DC, right?
It literally has BRIGHTEST DAY listed over it's titles.
Now why, I'm not sure.
In Birds of Prey, the gang has been getting beat up on like a new kid at school with the name Peter Aswipe. Babs was almost thrown off a cliff and told she threw her two male leads from the last series under a bus. Black Canary gets the whipping of a lifetime and then decides to leave Gotham on the promise she never comes back and Huntress, well, she's always had problems.
But Chris, you say. there has to be SOME good, right?
No, I say back to you as I pat your little head, I'm afraid not.
You see, the Atom is **spoiler alert** not only dead, but kept in a matchbox by a villain. Not the old Atom we knew, his replacement, which DC felt didn't pack the punch it needed, so he was canceled like Fox's answer to any Joss Whedon show.
And ya, like I said. The "hero" is being kept in a matchbook box in the pocket of a villain.

And what about the Justice League? Remember those wacky guys from the JLI? Well right now, they're the ONLY ones that can remember what a ruthless turd Maxwell Lord really is. Max makes Osama Bin Laden look like the kid on Glee. (Just pick one, I don't care)

As most of you know, Max shot Blue Beetle in the head, starting off a disappointing Infinite Crisis. He then found a machine that could help him erase his very existence from the World. Even Batman doesn't remember him.
Oh, by the way, Batman's still dead until Grant Morrison decides we've given up trying to follow Return of Bruce Wayne and brings him back.
Power Girl? Flat broke.
Superman? Walking the Earth like a modern day Jesus.
Wonder Woman? Heck if I know. She changed her clothes though. That's a shame for all those guys who like going to Cons for the Cosplay.

But wait a minute, Chris, you yell back! What about the actual title BRIGHTEST DAY? Isn't that filled with Unicorn dreams and Fairy dust?
No, my little diluted friend, no.
You see, the Brightest Day storyline has been screwing with Deadman, kidnapping Hawkgirl and making dead fish rise up on Aquaman.
It's also made Firestorm a screaming Emo with 2 kids who can't stand each other stuck in his head, but only because while possessed, one killed the others girlfriend, so it's cool.

So where's my Brightest Day?


These companies have given me a promise more empty than a politician on their first day in office.
In other words, thanks for buying me, now get lost and every now and then, I'll throw you a bone.

Now I'm not ALL negative on the negative.
Independent comics have been giving us some great reads. The Ghostbuster one shots have been fun, Green Hornet hasn't been all bad and Hellboys is still knocking them back with a quick one liner.
Amazing Spider-Man's SHED mini-series was one of the best storyline's of the year and watching Dick Grayson take over for Batman has also been fun to watch, but I was promised a new age.
An age of Heroic feats and brighter days.
Instead, I'm getting a feeling I've been to Chris Browns house. A lot of flash and pretty things, but in the end, just a black eye.

So I ask Marvel and DC. Where are the things you promised?
Well, Chris, they say.
We might lower our $3.99 books to $2.99.

OK, I say. I guess that's fine.
Oh, but one more thing, dear Chris.
Yes, DC and Marvel?
We'll be dropping the page count on those books. Have a nice, bright day.

Listen and read the 1940's adventures of Martin's Raiders

Watch The HANGAR BAY SHOW - It's not the nerd-cast you deserve, it's the one you need!
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