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No Man's Land
All things Heroclix and Wizkids
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:54 pm    Post subject: No Man's Land

With the great success of the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play series, Heroclix has decided to launch a second long-form series of events, this time based on a cataclysmic event in the history of Batman comics.

Starting this month (Nov. 15th at Merlyn's) Wizkids is launching the No Man's Land Organized Play series.

These storyline on which this event is based featured the results of a devastating earthquake on Gotham City. The federal government was unwilling to commit itself to the recovery, instead opting to close off the entire area, declaring Gotham City a No Man's Land. In a devastated city with little-to-no access to potable water, food, or power, those who stayed behind formed gangs that fought tooth and nail for turf in a city no longer under the rule of law, marking their territories with spray-painted gang symbols.

The Heroclix version of this event will be played out in 6 events between November and May. Each of the 6 events takes place in a key locale in Gotham. Each of the 6 maps is two-sided. The side on which all events will start represents a relatively pristine version of that map, but certain events that take place during the course of the game can result in an aftershock tremor that literally changes the face of the map. Players then turn the map over, which shows a quake-devastated version of the same locale.

Batman's Utility Belt is the focus of the participation prizes in the No Man's Land event series. Month 1 players will get the Utility Belt resource and one gadget (Gas Pellets for Month 1) that they can attach to the Utility Belt. Following months will include other gadgets that can be attached to the belt like batarangs, grapnel guns, flash grenades, and handcuffs. Remember, those are just the participation prizes, the ones everybody who plays (up to 20) gets to take home.

The prizes for winners will be characters who played key roles in the No Man's Land comic books. Lock-Up is the prize for the Nov/Dec Month 1 Event. Batgirl is given away in January's Month 2 Event. Ultimate Clayface is the prize in Month 3, Poison Ivy Month 4, and Killer Croc Month 5. The winners of Month 6 get a Joker/Harley Quinn duo fig.

Did I also mention the Batcave Heroclix figure?

Yes, that is a real thing that I did not make up.

The grand prize winner on Month 6, in addition to the aforementioned Joker/Harley duo fig, wins a Batcave Heroclix piece.

And if you think that overload of information is more than enough, you'd be right, and yet it still goes on. Each month, players tag the contested territory played for that evening on a special map of Gotham. At the end of the 6 month event, the "gang" that controls the most territory will be awarded a special Penguin figure for the top 3 leaders of that gang.


For your convenience, I have copied the info for next week's Month 1 event below, in case you missed it in the other thread:

Arrow No Man's Land: Month 1 - Blackgate Prison


> Thursday, Nov. 15th 5:30 pm
- Please note the earlier start time. This is due to the sealed format, giving us time to put together our teams.

> Format: Sealed Event, utilizing 2 boosters of DC Heroclix: Batman
300 points.

> Cost: Purchase of 2 boosters of DC Heroclix: Batman (to be immediately used in order to make your team). Approx: $24

> Before play begins, ALL players MUST declare their allegiance to one of the following gangs attempting to control Gotham City:

- GCPD (Gotham City Police Department)
- Batman
- Joker
- Two-Face
- Killer Croc
- Black Mask

Once chosen, players must maintain their gang allegiance throughout the entirety of the 6-month No Man's Land events, as each gang attempts to control the most turf in Gotham City.

> Prizes:
- Up to 20 participants will receive Batman's Utility Belt and the Gas Pellets 3D object.
- The Lock-Up LE figure will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners as well as to a randomly determined Fellowship winner.

> On the off-chance that the Batman set arrives late and is unavailable on Thursday the 15th, please bring a Silver Age 400 point team. That will be our plan B. If we cannot run the No Man's Land event this evening, we will do so on 11/29.
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