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New Rules!!!!

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Intarweb Mastar!

Joined: Dec 31, 1969
Posts: 390
Location: Spokane

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 11:16 pm    Post subject: New Rules!!!!

At origins, John- Paul from Battlefront gave a 2 hours seminar on the new rules. When Phil said there were not many changes, he was not being totally honest with us. First, artillery AT increased, so armor is no longer safe. Smoke changed, much easier. German artillery is now cheaper so they can afford it. Air, totally redone and very simple. We tried it and really liked it. It will not control a game any more. You can attack only one target a turn. Very simple attack roll and anti air now shoots at full rate. Command teams, now if your command platoon team is destroyed you are stationary but CnC can move over and appoint a new command team. Very clean and simple. Mortarts now will do something. HMGs have a ROF of 6 but are gun teams so you need to protect them. Anti tank gun facings was cleaned up and rotating guns was cleaned up. THose are just a few of the changes . After a Demo game we were all very impressed. I think you will all be happy. Alot of points are changed so check the new points listings. As of today they would like only the new rules and lists to be played. German players will not like the increase in the cost of the 88s, for us alled players we love it. If any one has any questions about why things were done, let me know as John-Paul explained there thoughts to us and I will do my best to pass it on.
The new era they are going into was World War 1 or so said a source in the battle front staff that asked not to be named and Napoleonics in the future, he thought 2 years away. Samurai rules are also being worked on.
Thats about all Terry

Defense is for the timid
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Awkward new guy

Joined: Dec 31, 1969
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:52 pm    Post subject: Re: New Rules!!!!

This is probley the wrong thread but I have some questions about shooting and transports. First when shooting if a platoon moves then do you roll one dice for the whole platoon or one dice per team you have? Second if a team is in a treansport and it moves and the teams dismount can they shoot? also with transports do you have to take them out of play once they drop of the teams or can they hang around and move them some where else after a little bit? Thanks
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Intarweb Mastar!

Joined: Dec 31, 1969
Posts: 390
Location: Spokane

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:13 pm    Post subject: Re: New Rules!!!!

Reply to questions on play. Shooting is one dice per team if they moved. If they have a ROF of 1 you must add a plus 1. So a 4 to hit goes to a 5. There is no shooting of a team that dismounts after a transport has moved. New rules have some different wording but I don't think this has changed. Transports can stay in play but they are easy targets to kill and if killed count against the platoon they were assigned to.They new rules were not proof read very well. Go to there web site, Flames of war, go to the forum and you will see the confusion the new rules have caused. I like them but one guy has 8 pages of mistakes and inconsistancies he has all ready found in the 3 books. If you notied, the Italian front and its different forces were totally left out like they forgot about it ,mine fields and fortifications? His list is worth looking at, I think we will be getting an update soon from Phil. I hope that helps. What army do you have?

Defense is for the timid
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