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#1: Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Feb 12 Author: Irongaze125Location: Cheney PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 8:31 pm
Love is a battlefield. We all know it. Thus, what better way to get yourself primed for the inevitable conflict that IS Valentine's Day than to spend the weekend before playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles?

Simple: Playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles in a Merlyn's tournament.

Sunday, February 12th will be a day to stand in infamy. There will be the standard $10 entry fee (kicked back as prizes) and standard scoring... that is:

Scoring: There will be 106 points available... the points for appearance are counted seperately and will not count towards overall score.
You can get a total of 60 points in your battles, meaning that if you win ALL your missions and recieve ALL the secondary objectives, you get 60 points.
There are 30 points awarded by your opponents for sportsmanship and fairness of your army. So play nice.
Finally, the score that everybody seems most curious about, there are 16 points for composition. This is the same scoring that has been used in the past for my tournaments. the scoring for this part depends on:

>At least 40% Core
>More Core choices than in other selections
>No more than 25% in Rare or Special
>No more than 10% in the Magic Items
>Unit names and designations

Play will begin at 12pm, but you should show up at around 11. Also be sure to check out the painting competition a few eeks later, posted in both the 40K and Painting sections of these forums.

P.S. Skaven rule, manthings!

#2: Re: Pre-V Day Knockdown Author: Guest PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 11:50 am
How many points?

#3: Re: Pre-V Day Knockdown Author: Scipio PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 7:59 am
I second that question...I think last time we said 2K but 1.5K is alright as well.

#4: Re: Pre-V Day Knockdown Author: Scipio PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 12:06 pm
On another note, one of you "official" Merlyn's staff should probably post this on the nwgamers site for more "visability". I know we have picked up a few new fantasy players that might be interested as well as those who have been around for a while. Not sure how many of them check this forum though.

#5: Re: Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Feb 12 Author: Irongaze125Location: Cheney PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 12:26 pm
Gah! Mine post! It vas deleted!

2000 points. No special characters. Razz

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