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#1: Arkham Horror Boardgame! Author: comic_girlLocation: Spokane, WA PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 10:43 am
Have you ever played Arkham Horror the board game? It's a very interactive noir game that requires hard work, dedication and team work to overcome the monsters that continually pop out of the portals about town. Each player has an identity card which gives a background of the person you are playing, their strengths, weaknesses and abilities! You work together on a team to take out the Lovecraftian inspired monsters while trying to restore your town and close the mysterious portals that are the gateway to a horror filled world of various monsters! This game also has various expansions that can be added to the games experience, making it more fun and more deadly!

Merlyn's currently has Arkham Horror and some of it's expansions for sale, and if you are a Cthulhu fan...many other games based on Lovecraft's monsterous creations!

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