Don't like reading about Superheroes? We got ya covered.
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#1: Don't like reading about Superheroes? We got ya covered. Author: td9993Location: Spokane PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:51 pm
So you like to read.
And you like Graphic novels.
But you dislike or just can't follow all the Superhero stories.

Well my friend, that's why I'm here. To help you out and get you to read some really great stories with no capes.

Now of course you've heard of WALKING DEAD, it's basically THE comic to read about Zombies. Great characters and art. The best thing about being an independent comic is, ANYONE can die at ANYTIME.
No sitting there thinking, well no one can kill him, he's Superman. Also, with Walking Dead, it's on it's 11th graphic novel, so if you like it, no waiting a year to read another.

Also, probably heard of a little book called Sin City. Well we carry the graphic novels for it, plus Yellow Bastard, Dame to Kill For and the rest.

Now, here's some you might NOT have heard about:

Remember Payback with Mel Gibson? Well, Darwyn Cooke, the PHENOMENAL artist, has gone back and written the whole story of Richard Stark's PARKER. Going well beyond the Hollywood film, this book is a great read.
Cooke has also followed it up with Richard Stark's Parker in The OUTFIT, again, great art style and script.

But Chris, you say. I don't like mystery novels. They bore me. What else do you have or are you wasting my time?
No, I say to you. I'll give you a couple more.
Want some "grittier" stories?
Then you want to read books by Joe Sacco, winner of the Eisner Award for best writer/artist.
Let's start with FOOTNOTES IN GAZA.

Footnotes tells the archived story in 1956, where 111 Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli soldiers. Sacco really emerges you in the life of these people and doesn't hold back.

How about WAR'S END Profiles from Bosnia 1995-96.

Or how about The FIXER, where Sacco retells about some of the people he met during the Bosnian War.

And last, PALESTINE, he tells about the time he spent in Palestine back in 1992.

Those are nice, Chris, you say, but I like to have fun to.
Well, I say back to you, I'm married, but thanks for asking.
NO, you scream! That's not what I meant. I meant, do you have any other type of books besides mayhem and murder?
Glad you asked.

The first and best illustrated graphic novel of the man in black himself.

Need some political humor?
How about GENERALISSIMO el BUSHO: essay & cartoons on the Bush Years.

Then there's the SWEETER SIDE OF R. CRUMB.
If you grew up anywhere near a comic store, you'd know the name R. Crumb, who's been a staple in comicdom for years.
Well, here's the "sweeter" side of him as he shows off his talents in black and white pictures. Just great stuff.

Now, this is just a portion of books and graphic novels we have, so don't be afraid to ask, "Hey, man. I hate guys in tights. What else you got?"

'Cause we'll show ya!

#2: Re: Don't like reading about Superheroes? We got ya covered. Author: HZeraze PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:51 am
I found a pretty good review for The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb on ICV2. Here's the link:

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