INFINITY GAUNTLET! -- 8 Month Heroclix Extravaganza.
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#1: INFINITY GAUNTLET! -- 8 Month Heroclix Extravaganza. Author: HZeraze PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:00 pm
2012 will be the 10th anniversary of Wizkids' flagship game Heroclix. In addition to a number of great products they will be putting out, they are celebrating this occasion with a series of tournament events that stretches out across multiple sets.

The Infinity Gauntlet Tournament is based on the popular Infinity Gauntlet comics from Marvel Comics. Once a month, we will be holding a single Infinity Gauntlet event, from January through July 2012. Through those events, you can earn enough points to qualify for the final event in August, with the winner taking home a giant Thanos & the Shrine of Death figure.


The January Event begins as thus...
"The contest begins for the greatest prize of them all! The Infinity Gauntlet has been found and now heroes and villains from all over the galaxy have arrived to do battle for nothing less than control of all they survey! Can you be the first to obtain all six Infinity Gems and assemble the full might of the Infinity Gauntlet?"

Thursday, January 12th, at 5:30 p.m. we are holding the first event. Players will face off on a map representing the Soul World inside the soul gem for a chance to win one of three Adam Warlock figures (can also be seen in the picture above).

Arrow FORMAT: 300 point, Sealed event utilizing two boosters per player, to be purchased that night at Merlyn's. Players will have until 6:00 pm to put together a 300 pt team from their two booster packs. No trades are allowed until after the tournament and only pieces from the booster purchased will be allowed.

Arrow Participation Prizes: participants will be awarded the Infinity Gauntlet 3d object (pictured above just in front of Thanos and the Shrine of Death).

We hope to see as many of you as can make it. We expect this one to be a lot of fun.

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Arrow Point System
To qualify for the August event, a player must have earned 12 or more points playing in Infinity Gauntlet events between January and July. Here's how you get points...

1 point for attending an event (there are 7 events, one per month, leading up to the final).

1 point for each loss (Each event is three rounds)

2 points for each win

3 points for each Event Win (those are awarded for being the overall winner for one particular night, after three rounds)

Arrow Player Registration
Wizkids is introducing a new player registration system to be used in the Infinity Gauntlet Events. Registration is free and easy to do.

1. Go to

2. At the top of the screen, click on "Event System."

3. Shiver in fear at the picture of Thanos.

4. Click on "Create new PLAYER account" and then fill in the boxes.

Here's a link that will take you right to step #3

Arrow Tournament Schedule and formats...

Month One - January (Jan. 12, 5:30 pm)
- 300 point sealed, two boosters
- Soul World Map
- Participation Prizes: 3D Infinity Gauntlet object
- Main Prizes: Adam Warlock Heroclix figure

Month Two - February
- 600 point Modern Constructed, at least 300 points from the Hulk and/or Superman sets
- Nexus of Reality Map
- Participation Prizes: Soul Gem 3D object
- Main Prizes: In-Betweener Heroclix figure

Month Three - March
- 300 point Modern Age event
- Tamarata Map
- Participation Prizes: Power Gem 3D object
- Main Prizes: Champion Heroclix figure

Month Four - April
- 400 point Sealed event, utilizing two boosters from Galactic Guardians boosters
- Garden Map
- Participation Prizes: Time Gem 3D object
- Main Prizes: Gardener Heroclix figure

Month Five - May
- 700 point constructed Modern tournament, utilizing at least 400 pts from the Hulk and/or Galactic Guardians sets
- Space Racetrack Map
- Participation Prizes: Space Gem 3D object
- Main Prizes: Runner Heroclix figure

Month Six - June
- 400 point Modern Age Constructed using a Named-keyword theme team
- Collector's Ship Map
- Participation Prizes: Reality Gem 3D object
- Main Prizes: Collector Heroclix figure

Month Seven - July
- 300 point Sealed event utilizing two boosters from Mighty Avengers
- Mental Plane Map
- Participation Prizes: Mind Gem 3D object
- Main Prizes: Grandmaster Heroclix figure

Month Eight Final Event - August
- Participants must have earned 12 points playing Infinity Gauntlet Events at Merlyn's
- 500 point Modern Age Constructed. All figures must be from Hulk, Galactic Guardians, and/or Mighty Avengers sets.
- Shrine to Death Map
- Participation Prizes: Terraxia Heroclix figure
- Main Prize: Thanos Colossal figure and Shrine to Death Colossal base.

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