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#1: Classic Metal Mini Blisters for Sale! Author: HZeraze PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:00 pm

We've just made a nice selection of old blister packs available in our display case you guys have to come check out.

Don't feel you have to choose between a Goblin War Machine and a Chaos Warmachine, when you can get both. A Mounted Vampire Lord is parked right next to the Forest Goblin Bosses and a Dwarf Stone Thrower. Oxayotl, legendary chameleon skink, and Tenehuini, Prophet of Sotek, scourge of the Skaven, appear together in a single blister.

Old Marauder Miniatures packs include Minotaurs, a Swivel Gun, a Dwarf Cannon, and Halfling Mercenaries.

Get in your Fantasy Gyro Copter and fly on down here to see these for yourself, or, if you don't have a copter, that's one of the blisters we have on sale, so we've got you covered.


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