Cub Scouts create Superheroes at Merlyns!
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#1: Cub Scouts create Superheroes at Merlyns! Author: sthar8 PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:50 pm
We were visited this morning by Cub Scout Pack 353 (I think)! The kids stopped in to learn about comics and games, and even their parents got in a few questions about the future of the comics medium and the relationships between different styles of popular art. When we were done talking (I have really big lungs) we discovered that we didn't have enough time for the game I'd planned, so instead we let each of the boys design and draw his own superhero! They even left me a couple so that I could put them up in the store; you can check them out below.

Between these guys and the recent visit from the EWU education class, Merlyn's is turning into a regular old Learning Environment!

Thanks to Cub Pack 353, and we hope to see all of you guys again soon!


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