Cool Stuff 10/01 includes Mask's, shirt's and flag's!
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#1: Cool Stuff 10/01 includes Mask's, shirt's and flag's! Author: td9993Location: Spokane PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:49 pm
Lots of cool stuff to talk about this week.

DC has come out with a VERY cool COURT OF OWLS mask and book set along
with the start of Green Lantern's LIGHTS OUT and part 2 of FOREVER EVIL.

Marvel has Season One: THOR as well as 2 large hardback omnibus's of
FANTASTIC FOUR. One of the first few issues, the other is a Hickman Omnibus.

There's also Hello Kitty, Here We Go!, another Ugly Doll comic, retro lime green BATMAN 1966 logo and a FIREFLY INDEPENDENTS FLAG!

Don't forget, Spokane's own Corton Worley does the art in SHADOW NOW!

So come on down and grab these great deals at 10% off retail!

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