Cool Stuff 12/10 DC rules the week
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#1: Cool Stuff 12/10 DC rules the week Author: td9993Location: Spokane PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:36 pm
This week (only 3 weeks before Xmas, kids!), we have a lot more great stuff to get those fellow nerds and nerdettes out there.

DC has a big week with Batman Zero Year, Action Comics volume 2, a 100 page Dark Knight and Justice League 3000.
Over at Marvel, Captain America (with Falcon who'll be appearing in the new movie: Winter Soldier) is in and a Christmas-y Amazing Spider-Man 700.2.

Walking Dead shambles ahead of the pack of Indy comics and another great installment of the Parker series by Darwyn Cooke comes in!

Thanos Infinity, Angry Birds, Abe Sapien, Farlaine the Goblin and a new Pathfinder comic round out the picture, but not the shipment!
Come on in and see what else we have, all at 10% off retail!

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