A little bit of coolness in every Grab Bag
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#1: A little bit of coolness in every Grab Bag Author: td9993Location: Spokane PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:26 pm

One of our best selling items in the store is something you can't even see.

Grab Bags are only $4.99 and each one is hand-crafted by me to make sure that each one is completely different from the others.
There are no repeats of comics or even repeats of titles in each bag.
You aren't going to get 4 Adventures of Superman titles or three #1's of the same thing.

Each Grab Bag has 4 DC comics, 4 Marvel comics and 4 Independent compnay comics - such as Dark Horse, Malibu, etc.

To show our appreciation to all those before, that took a chance on these,
I have inserted a #1 issue, Collector Edition, Shiny Cover or Die Cut cover in each one.
That's right. You're not just getting a bunch of comics in the middle of a story or just bland covers.
You're getting a #1, a Collectors Issue, cool insert or gimmick cover in every bag!

So get on down here while we have these One-of-a-kind Grab Bags! (tm copyright 2014)

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