Kelli's Picks 4/13-4/19
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#1: Kelli's Picks 4/13-4/19 Author: KCrawford PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:10 pm
This week I was excited for Goldie Vance #1, Dark & Bloody #3, Xena #1, Monstress #5, and the 3rd TPB for Rat Queens! But my comic picks this week were chosen because I had way too much fun with both of these!

Gwenpool #1: Gwenpool started as a throwaway variant cover version of Deadpool mixed with Spider-Gwen, but her immediate popularity has resulted in her own series! Gwen Poole is an avid comic reader just like us, until she's thrust into the world of her comic heroes! Now she has to take on baddies with absolutely zero powers and zero responsible traits! If you like Harley Quinn's shenanigans and Deadpool's irreverent humor then you will LOVE Gwenpool!

Mockingbird #2: Zombies! Corgis! The Queen of England! All are included in Mockingbird's second issue. When her partner is captured d by the London Hellfire Club it's up to Mockingbird to save the day. This series has all the spycraft and playful sexiness of a James Bond movie, but does away with the misogyny for a great thrill!

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