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#1: Flames of War Mid War Monsters Author: Hobomonkey PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2016 12:58 pm
Take your enemy by surprise by fielding these experimental vehicles. These experimental vehicles can be added to any scenario to throw a bit of mix-up in to the game. A good portion of the major players of the Second World War are represented with these vehicles. While there are many more available from Battlefront, we have a very small collection in store. This includes;
- British Churchill 3" Gun Carrier
- Soviet KV-3 Heavy Tank
- American M27 Medium Tank

Each of these vehicles has their own special rules meant to represent the unusual nature and experimental ideas that the different nations were toying with. Some of the experimental vehicles produced by Battlefront include those listed above and tanks such as the famed British TOG* II, the German Tiger (P), The Soviet KV-5 Super Heavy Tank and the American T14 Assault Tank and M6 Heavy Tank.

Be sure to check out these Mid War Monsters to cause some shock and awe among not only your enemies, but also your allies.

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