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#1: FLAMES OF WAR Author: rcoreys PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:01 pm

So I watched Ryan and Charles play this game the other day... I was already interested but now I cant wait to play a game. From what I understand about the game is that it does have some complex rules, but if you ask me thats a good thing. I think with that kind of complexity you can really use a lot of tactics to utilize the rules to your advantage. I also think that it attracts serious gamers, some games I am there just to have fun with and some get a bit more serious but still let the dice fly and chance guide you and have a blast... pun intended. I am planning to learn a lot more about this game. There is a ton off stuff to play with and choose from. Here is just a peek at what we have on the shelves. Come check out FLAMES OF WAR !!

-> Flames of War

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