New Games, Books, and Minis, Oh My!
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#1: New Games, Books, and Minis, Oh My! Author: CharlesFaustLocation: Spokane, WA PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:55 am

Another fresh, hot delivery of new stuff has arrived at Merlyn's, featuring an awesome selection of new card games, books, playmats, card sleeves, and miniatures.

New games include Starfall, Rock Paper Wizard, The Banishing, the Essex County Express expansion for the Arkham Horror Card Game, and Munchkin Oz and the Munchkin Oz 2: Yellow Brick Raid expansion. New books include two new Shadowrun RPG supplements (Cutting Aces and Run Faster), the Frostgrave Folio digital mini-supplement collection, and two new Osprey military history books (Early US Armor and Kursk 1943). We also got new miniatures for Star War: Imperial Assault plus two new playmats and some new card sleeves just in time for tomorrow's highly-anticipated release of Modern Masters 2017 Edition.

Stop by the store today to check out all these cool new items and settle in next door to watch some March Madness, too!

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