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Merlyn's News 05/25/07 -

Merlyn's News - Store Hours Open 10am every day, Till 7pm Sun, Mon & Tue -
Close at 9pm Wednesday-Saturday

Notes of Import -

1) FOR FUN MAGIC TOURNAMENT, JUNE 3RD 11AM - We are running a "for fun" Magic tournament Sunday, June 3rd at 11am. The cost is you buy and play with three boosters OF YOUR CHOICE. Everyone gets a free unhinged booster and you make your deck of 40 out of your cards. The only stipulation is you have to use at least 6 of your unhinged cards in your forty card deck (not including unhinged lands). The winner will get a $10 gift certificate. This is a FOR FUN only tournament.

2) PIRATES TOURNAMENT, JUNE 2ND, 1PM - We are running a pirates sealed booster tournament Saturday, June 2nd at 1pm. Check the wizkids site for more details.

3) HORRORCLIX NEW GUY NIGHT, JUNE 6TH, 6PM - And we are also having a Horrowclix, new guy night Wednesday. This free event gives you a chance to play and get a free goodies. Stay tuned for more details.

4) DO YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL WOW MMO COLLECTORS SET? - I am looking for an original wow collectors set. I don't care if the code is used or not, but I want the rest of the goodies that originally came with it like the art book, dvd and other stuff. Drop John (me) a note and we will work out a trade for fine Merlyn's goodies.

5) IMPROVED PARKING AROUND MERLYN'S - We had the meters redone around our area and the parking situation is much improved. There are lots of 2 hour meters on Main, and 3 hour meters on Browne and Division. They have also opened a bunch of parking lots in our area as well.

6) NEW "USED COMICS" AREA - We cleaned up and moved things around in our used comic case. We also brought in a bunch of "new" used comics and older stuff your you to check out.

7) FREE RPG DAY, JUNE 23RD - And we are also participating in Free RPG day June 23rd. And we will have for info for this event soon also.

Cool HEROCLIX GALACTUS SUMMER EVENT, HEROCLIX AT 4PM SATURDAYS - We are going to run the Galactus heroclix events this summer. All our Heroclix events are saturdays at 4pm. The galactus events will start on July 14th at 4pm with a new herald each week and the galactus event August 11th.

See ya

John at Merlyn's

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Posted by merlyn on Saturday, May 26, 2007 (03:56:51) (1830 reads)

Merlyn's News 11/22/06 - - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

For Sci/fi fantasy Book, Game and Comic Fans in the Pacific Northwest
(send a "REMOVE" if in error)

Merlyn's News - Store Hours Open 10am every day,close at 9pm Wednesday-Saturday, Till 7pm Sun & Tue, TILL 6pm Monday

Notes of Import -

1) 50% OFF SALES - We are having some sales to make space for christmas stuff. We have marked the "statue case", the "used comic" case, the "computer game/video case" and the "weird case" at 50% off. This does include any of the old comics that are in the cases. Anything in these cases is 50% off, first come, first served. Come by and check them out.

2) WARHAMMER AND WARHAMMER 40K TOURNAMENTS - We are going to have a Warhammer 40K tournament on Saturday, november 25th at 1pm. It will be a FREE 1850 point tournament for those of you that have a Thanksgiving break. It will also be a "for fun" tournament, so feel free to join us and learn to play if you need. See our web site for more info.

We are also going to run a "for fun" Warhammer Fantasy tournament Sunday, November 26th at 1pm This FREE 1500 point point tournament will also be great for beginners or people that want to see how it's played. And Josh will be here to answer GWS questions.

3) MARVEL HEROCLIX SUPERNOVA AND SPECTER CONTEST - We just got in the newest marvel Heroclix - SUPERNOVA. This great set is $7.49 per booster with a extra 10% off if you buy a "brick". You can also win a FREE Specter giant figure by entering a raffle ticket with each purchase. This set has a ton of heavy hitters well over 200 points each. And as a special bonus, you can find exclusive "marvle zombies" figures. If you get one and want to trade it, give John at Merlyn's a yell. I am trying to get a set of them. I'll hook you up.

4) TONS OF NEW MAGIC SINGLES - We just got a ton of great magic card singles in the magic case and on the web site. If you are looking for anything, come by, or check out our magic card lists on our web site.

5) ANITA BLAKE #1, 2 AND CIVIL WAR #5 - We got these three great comics this week. Civil war is back with #5 after a brief delay. It comtinues that saga of the "Superhero registration act". And Anita Blake #1, 2 continues the new, cool graphic adaptation of Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake novels. And for a limited time, we have FREE Anita Blake prints with each comic purchased. Supplies are limited.

6) WORLD OF WARCRAFT CGC SINGLES AND INFO - We are still waiting for our regular supply of WOW ccg stuff. We have a limited supply of Boosters for $6.99 and have a bunch of singles also available. Commons are .25 cents, uncommons for .99 cents and rares at internet prices.

7) NEW EBAY STORE STUFF AND AUCTIONS - We have a ton of new stuff on our "ebay store" if an of our locals are interested. If you come in and talk to John, you can have the item at 10% off with no shipping. see ebay seller = goribob.

John at Merlyn's

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Posted by merlyn on Thursday, November 23, 2006 (01:42:57) (4635 reads)

Cool "Lost" 60's X-MEN movie!!

This is some kind of "Lost" 60's X-MEN Movie!?!

John at Merlyn's

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Posted by merlyn on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 (18:47:07) (4795 reads)

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