Merlyn's Coldsnap Magic Card List  

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Set Card Name Artist Color # Rarity Qty
Coldsnap Adarkar Valkyrie Jeremy Jarvis White 1 R  
Coldsnap Boreal Griffin Cyril Van Der Haegen White 2 C 20
Coldsnap Cover of Winter Wayne Reynolds White 3 R 4
Coldsnap Darien, King of Kjeldor Michael Phillippi White 4 R  
Coldsnap Field Marshal Stephen Tappin White 5 R 1
Coldsnap Gelid Shackles Alex Horley-Orlandelli White 6 C 11
Coldsnap Glacial Plating Brian Despain White 7 U 10
Coldsnap Jotun Grunt Franz Vohwinkel White 8 U 6
Coldsnap Jotun Owl Keeper Dave Dorman White 9 U 6
Coldsnap Kjeldoran Gargoyle Marcelo Vignali White 10 U 11
Coldsnap Kjeldoran Javelineer Dave Dorman White 11 C 12
Coldsnap Kjeldoran Outrider Carl Critchlow White 12 C 16
Coldsnap Kjeldoran War Cry Michael Phillippi White 13 C 15
Coldsnap Luminesce Daren Bader White 14 U 8
Coldsnap Martyr of Sands Randy Gallegos White 15 C 1
Coldsnap Ronom Unicorn Carl Critchlow White 16 C 9
Coldsnap Squall Drifter Joel Thomas White 17 C 11
Coldsnap Sun's Bounty Michael Sutfin White 18 C 15
Coldsnap Sunscour Jim Murray White 19 R 1
Coldsnap Surging Sentinels Christopher Moeller White 20 C 13
Coldsnap Swift Maneuver Michael Sutfin White 21 C 10
Coldsnap Ursine Fylgja Yokota Katsumi White 22 U 6
Coldsnap Wall of Shards Alex Horley-Orlandelli White 23 U  
Coldsnap White Shield Crusader Jeff Easley White 24 U 8
Coldsnap Woolly Razorback Richard Sardinha White 25 R 1
Coldsnap Adarkar Windform Randy Gallegos Blue 26 U 4
Coldsnap Arcum Dagsson Pete Venters Blue 27 R  
Coldsnap Balduvian Frostwaker Stephen Tappin Blue 28 U 9
Coldsnap Commandeer John Matson Blue 29 R  
Coldsnap Controvert Joel Thomas Blue 30 U 1
Coldsnap Counterbalance John Zeleznik Blue 31 U  
Coldsnap Drelnoch Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Blue 32 C 10
Coldsnap Flashfreeze Brian Despain Blue 33 U 5
Coldsnap Frost Raptor Lars Grant-West Blue 34 C 20
Coldsnap Frozen Solid Ralph Horsley Blue 35 C 16
Coldsnap Heidar, Rimewind Master Ron Spears Blue 36 R 9
Coldsnap Jokulmorder Mark Zug Blue 37 R  
Coldsnap Krovikan Mist Jeremy Jarvis Blue 38 C  
Coldsnap Krovikan Whispers Nick Percival Blue 39 U 8
Coldsnap Martyr of Frost Wayne England Blue 40 C 13
Coldsnap Perilous Research Dany Orizio Blue 41 U  
Coldsnap Rimefeather Owl Kensuke Okabayashi Blue 42 R 4
Coldsnap Rimewind Cryomancer Dan Scott Blue 43 U 19
Coldsnap Rimewind Taskmage Ron Spears Blue 44 C 34
Coldsnap Ronom Serpent Ron Spencer Blue 45 C  
Coldsnap Rune Snag Dave Dorman Blue 46 C  
Coldsnap Surging Ęther Anthony S. Waters Blue 47 C 14
Coldsnap Survivor of the Unseen Alan Pollack Blue 48 C 14
Coldsnap Thermal Flux Jeff Miracola Blue 49 C 12
Coldsnap Vexing Sphinx Lars Grant-West Blue 50 R  
Coldsnap Balduvian Fallen Dave Kendall Black 51 U 5
Coldsnap Chill to the Bone Jim Murray Black 52 C 22
Coldsnap Chilling Shade Jeff Nentrup Black 53 C 30
Coldsnap Deathmark Jeremy Jarvis Black 54 U  
Coldsnap Disciple of Tevesh Szat Pete Venters Black 55 C 14
Coldsnap Feast of Flesh Volkan Baga Black 56 C 19
Coldsnap Garza's Assassin Parente Black 57 R 1
Coldsnap Grim Harvest Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Black 58 C 24
Coldsnap Gristle Grinner Dave Allsop Black 59 U 10
Coldsnap Gutless Ghoul Kensuke Okabayashi Black 60 C 22
Coldsnap Haakon, Stromgald Scourge Mark Zug Black 61 R 1
Coldsnap Herald of Leshrac Alex Horley-Orlandelli Black 62 R 1
Coldsnap Krovikan Rot Michael Sutfin Black 63 U 12
Coldsnap Krovikan Scoundrel Ralph Horsley Black 64 C 12
Coldsnap Martyr of Bones E. M. Gist Black 65 C 8
Coldsnap Phobian Phantasm Steven Belledin Black 66 U 13
Coldsnap Phyrexian Etchings Ron Spears Black 67 R 3
Coldsnap Rime Transfusion Jeff Nentrup Black 68 U 3
Coldsnap Rimebound Dead Dave Kendall Black 69 C 17
Coldsnap Soul Spike Wayne England Black 70 R  
Coldsnap Stromgald Crusader Volkan Baga Black 71 U 6
Coldsnap Surging Dementia Hideaki Takamura Black 72 C 15
Coldsnap Tresserhorn Skyknight Dan Dos Santos Black 73 U 6
Coldsnap Void Maw E. M. Gist Black 74 R 2
Coldsnap Zombie Musher Kev Walker Black 75 C 18
Coldsnap Balduvian Rage John Matson Red 76 U 4
Coldsnap Balduvian Warlord Parente Red 77 U  
Coldsnap Braid of Fire Cyril Van Der Haegen Red 78 R  
Coldsnap Cryoclasm Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Red 79 U 6
Coldsnap Earthen Goo Nick Percival Red 80 U 9
Coldsnap Fury of the Horde Stephen Tappin Red 81 R  
Coldsnap Goblin Furrier Warren Mahy Red 82 C 18
Coldsnap Goblin Rimerunner Christopher Rush Red 83 C 15
Coldsnap Greater Stone Spirit Yokota Katsumi Red 84 U 5
Coldsnap Icefall Warren Mahy Red 85 C  
Coldsnap Karplusan Minotaur Wayne England Red 86 R  
Coldsnap Karplusan Wolverine Greg Hildebrandt Red 87 C 18
Coldsnap Lightning Serpent John Avon Red 88 R  
Coldsnap Lightning Storm Luca Zontini Red 89 U 4
Coldsnap Lovisa Coldeyes Brian Snoddy Red 90 R 1
Coldsnap Magmatic Core Matt Cavotta Red 91 U 3
Coldsnap Martyr of Ashes Ralph Horsley Red 92 C 7
Coldsnap Ohran Yeti Wayne Reynolds Red 93 C 10
Coldsnap Orcish Bloodpainter Alan Pollack Red 94 C 14
Coldsnap Rimescale Dragon Jeff Easley Red 95 R  
Coldsnap Rite of Flame Dany Orizio Red 96 C  
Coldsnap Skred Christopher Moeller Red 97 C 1
Coldsnap Stalking Yeti Brian Snoddy Red 98 U 3
Coldsnap Surging Flame Ron Spencer Red 99 C 14
Coldsnap Thermopod Dan Dos Santos Red 100 C 12
Coldsnap Allosaurus Rider Daren Bader Green 101 R 1
Coldsnap Arctic Nishoba Dave Kendall Green 102 U 3
Coldsnap Aurochs Herd Darrell Riche Green 103 C 19
Coldsnap Boreal Centaur Marcelo Vignali Green 104 C 20
Coldsnap Boreal Druid Dan Dos Santos Green 105 C 4
Coldsnap Brooding Saurian rk post Green 106 R 1
Coldsnap Bull Aurochs Kev Walker Green 107 C 20
Coldsnap Freyalise's Radiance Thomas M. Baxa Green 108 U 6
Coldsnap Frostweb Spider Greg Hildebrandt Green 109 C 11
Coldsnap Hibernation's End Steven Belledin Green 110 R 2
Coldsnap Into the North Richard Sardinha Green 111 C 6
Coldsnap Karplusan Strider Dan Scott Green 112 U 7
Coldsnap Martyr of Spores Dan Scott Green 113 C 13
Coldsnap Mystic Melting Chippy Green 114 U 11
Coldsnap Ohran Viper Kev Walker Green 115 R 2
Coldsnap Panglacial Wurm Jim Pavelec Green 116 R 2
Coldsnap Resize Daren Bader Green 117 U 6
Coldsnap Rimehorn Aurochs Brian Despain Green 118 U 13
Coldsnap Ronom Hulk Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Green 119 C 24
Coldsnap Shape of the Wiitigo Ron Spencer Green 120 R 4
Coldsnap Sheltering Ancient Pete Venters Green 121 U 5
Coldsnap Simian Brawler Warren Mahy Green 122 C 15
Coldsnap Sound the Call Jim Nelson Green 123 C 15
Coldsnap Steam Spitter Christopher Rush Green 124 U 6
Coldsnap Surging Might Luca Zontini Green 125 C 8
Coldsnap Blizzard Specter Hideaki Takamura Multicolor 126 U  
Coldsnap Deepfire Elemental Joel Thomas Multicolor 127 U 3
Coldsnap Diamond Faerie Heather Hudson Multicolor 128 R 1
Coldsnap Garza Zol, Plague Queen Darrell Riche Multicolor 129 R 1
Coldsnap Juniper Order Ranger Greg Hildebrandt Multicolor 130 U 1
Coldsnap Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper Jeff Miracola Multicolor 131 R 5
Coldsnap Tamanoa rk post Multicolor 132 R 3
Coldsnap Vanish into Memory Rebekah Lynn Multicolor 133 U 7
Coldsnap Wilderness Elemental Anthony S. Waters Multicolor 134 U 7
Coldsnap Zur the Enchanter Pete Venters Multicolor 135 R  
Coldsnap Coldsteel Heart Mark Romanoski Artifact 136 U  
Coldsnap Jester's Scepter Matt Cavotta Artifact 137 R  
Coldsnap Mishra's Bauble Chippy Artifact 138 U  
Coldsnap Phyrexian Ironfoot Stephan Martiniere Artifact 139 U  
Coldsnap Phyrexian Snowcrusher Dave Allsop Artifact 140 U  
Coldsnap Phyrexian Soulgorger Brian Snoddy Artifact 141 R  
Coldsnap Thrumming Stone Rob Alexander Artifact 142 R  
Coldsnap Arctic Flats John Avon Land 143 U  
Coldsnap Boreal Shelf Heather Hudson Land 144 U 4
Coldsnap Dark Depths Stephan Martiniere Land 145 R  
Coldsnap Frost Marsh Jim Pavelec Land 146 U 7
Coldsnap Highland Weald John Avon Land 147 U 5
Coldsnap Mouth of Ronom Daren Bader Land 148 U  
Coldsnap Scrying Sheets Thomas M. Baxa Land 149 R  
Coldsnap Snow-Covered Forest Jim Nelson Land 150 C  
Coldsnap Snow-Covered Island Franz Vohwinkel Land 151 C  
Coldsnap Snow-Covered Mountain John Zeleznik Land 152 C  
Coldsnap Snow-Covered Plains Mark Romanoski Land 153 C  
Coldsnap Snow-Covered Swamp Rob Alexander Land 154 C  
Coldsnap Tresserhorn Sinks Darrell Riche Land 155 U 3