Merlyn's Eventide Magic Card List  

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  Card Artist Color # Rarity Number
Eventide Archon of Justice Jason Chan White 1 R  
Eventide Ballynock Trapper Randy Gallegos White 2 C 45
Eventide Cenn's Enlistment Matt Cavotta White 3 C 40
Eventide Endless Horizons Joshua Hagler White 4 R  
Eventide Endure Ralph Horsley White 5 U 4
Eventide Flickerwisp Jeremy Enecio White 6 U 1
Eventide Hallowed Burial Dave Kendall White 7 R  
Eventide Kithkin Spellduster Trevor Hairsine White 8 C 46
Eventide Kithkin Zealot Scott Altmann White 9 C 51
Eventide Light from Within Aleksi Briclot White 10 R  
Eventide Loyal Gyrfalcon Darrell Riche White 11 U 6
Eventide Patrol Signaler Steve Prescott White 12 U 1
Eventide Recumbent Bliss Todd Lockwood White 13 C 46
Eventide Spirit of the Hearth Jason Chan White 14 R 4
Eventide Springjack Shepherd Thomas Denmark White 15 U  
Eventide Suture Spirit Larry MacDougall White 16 U  
Eventide Banishing Knack Howard Lyon Blue 17 C 50
Eventide Cache Raiders Pete Venters Blue 18 U 4
Eventide Dream Fracture Howard Lyon Blue 19 U  
Eventide Dream Thief Howard Lyon Blue 20 C 50
Eventide Glamerdye Ralph Horsley Blue 21 R 2
Eventide Glen Elendra Archmage Warren Mahy Blue 22 R  
Eventide Idle Thoughts Steven Belledin Blue 23 U 11
Eventide Indigo Faerie Steve Prescott Blue 24 U 11
Eventide Inundate Mark Zug Blue 25 R 1
Eventide Merrow Levitator Jim Pavelec Blue 26 C 51
Eventide Oona's Grace Rebecca Guay Blue 27 C 32
Eventide Razorfin Abolisher William O'Connor Blue 28 U 3
Eventide Sanity Grinding Lars Grant-West Blue 29 R 1
Eventide Talonrend Nils Hamm Blue 30 U 12
Eventide Wake Thrasher Jesper Ejsing Blue 31 R  
Eventide Wilderness Hypnotist Rebecca Guay Blue 32 C 51
Eventide Ashling, the Extinguisher Wayne Reynolds Black 33 R  
Eventide Creakwood Ghoul Thomas M. Baxa Black 34 U 7
Eventide Crumbling Ashes Chuck Lukacs Black 35 U  
Eventide Lingering Tormentor Joshua Hagler Black 36 U 6
Eventide Merrow Bonegnawer Jim Nelson Black 37 C 34
Eventide Necroskitter Jaime Jones Black 38 R  
Eventide Needle Specter Christopher Moeller Black 39 R  
Eventide Nightmare Incursion Chuck Lukacs Black 40 R 1
Eventide Raven's Crime Warren Mahy Black 41 C 7
Eventide Smoldering Butcher Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Black 42 C 8
Eventide Soot Imp Jesper Ejsing Black 43 U 8
Eventide Soul Reap Izzy Black 44 C 34
Eventide Soul Snuffers Izzy Black 45 U 5
Eventide Syphon Life Dan Seagrave Black 46 U 11
Eventide Talara's Bane Joshua Hagler Black 47 C 25
Eventide Umbra Stalker Daarken Black 48 R  
Eventide Chaotic Backlash Carl Frank Red 49 U 8
Eventide Cinder Pyromancer Greg Staples Red 50 C 13
Eventide Duergar Cave-Guard Dave Allsop Red 51 U  
Eventide Fiery Bombardment Nils Hamm Red 52 R 3
Eventide Flame Jab rk post Red 53 C 7
Eventide Hatchet Bully Paul Bonner Red 54 U 2
Eventide Hateflayer Thomas M. Baxa Red 55 R  
Eventide Heartlash Cinder Steve Prescott Red 56 C 24
Eventide Hotheaded Giant Fred Harper Red 57 C 25
Eventide Impelled Giant Mark Zug Red 58 U 3
Eventide Outrage Shaman Cole Eastburn Red 59 U 1
Eventide Puncture Blast Carl Critchlow Red 60 C 9
Eventide Rekindled Flame Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Red 61 R  
Eventide Stigma Lasher Aleksi Briclot Red 62 R 1
Eventide Thunderblust Dan Scott Red 63 R  
Eventide Unwilling Recruit Dave Allsop Red 64 U 9
Eventide Aerie Ouphes Jesper Ejsing Green 65 C 30
Eventide Bloom Tender Chippy Green 66 R  
Eventide Duskdale Wurm Dan Dos Santos Green 67 U 1
Eventide Helix Pinnacle Dan Scott Green 68 R  
Eventide Marshdrinker Giant Daarken Green 69 U 8
Eventide Monstrify Lars Grant-West Green 70 C 30
Eventide Nettle Sentinel Kev Walker Green 71 C 20
Eventide Phosphorescent Feast Ron Spencer Green 72 U 6
Eventide Primalcrux Wayne Reynolds Green 73 R  
Eventide Regal Force Brandon Kitkouski Green 74 R  
Eventide Savage Conception William O'Connor Green 75 U  
Eventide Swirling Spriggan Thomas M. Baxa Green 76 U 10
Eventide Talara's Battalion Todd Lockwood Green 77 R 1
Eventide Tilling Treefolk rk post Green 78 C 24
Eventide Twinblade Slasher Trevor Hairsine Green 79 U 2
Eventide Wickerbough Elder Jesper Ejsing Green 80 C 2
Eventide Batwing Brume Richard Kane Ferguson W/B 81 U 1
Eventide Beckon Apparition Larry MacDougall W/B 82 C 35
Eventide Bloodied Ghost Mike Dringenberg W/B 83 U 3
Eventide Cauldron Haze Brandon Kitkouski W/B 84 U 5
Eventide Deathbringer Liege Drew Tucker W/B 85 R  
Eventide Divinity of Pride Greg Staples W/B 86 R  
Eventide Edge of the Divinity Dan Scott W/B 87 C 11
Eventide Evershrike Dan Dos Santos W/B 88 R  
Eventide Gwyllion Hedge-Mage Todd Lockwood W/B 89 U 8
Eventide Harvest Gwyllion Nils Hamm W/B 90 C 53
Eventide Nightsky Mimic Franz Vohwinkel W/B 91 C 9
Eventide Nip Gwyllion Alex Horley-Orlandelli W/B 92 C 36
Eventide Pyrrhic Revival Richard Kane Ferguson W/B 93 R 1
Eventide Restless Apparition Jeff Easley W/B 94 U 11
Eventide Stillmoon Cavalier Christopher Moeller W/B 95 R  
Eventide Unmake Steven Belledin W/B 96 C 2
Eventide Voracious Hatchling Jeremy Enecio W/B 97 U  
Eventide Call the Skybreaker Randy Gallegos U/R 98 R  
Eventide Clout of the Dominus Jaime Jones U/R 99 C 25
Eventide Crackleburr Mike Dringenberg U/R 100 R  
Eventide Crag Puca John Howe U/R 101 U 11
Eventide Dominus of Fealty Kev Walker U/R 102 R  
Eventide Inside Out Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai U/R 103 C 29
Eventide Mindwrack Liege Richard Whitters U/R 104 R  
Eventide Mirror Sheen John Avon U/R 105 R  
Eventide Noggle Bandit Thomas Denmark U/R 106 C 12
Eventide Noggle Bridgebreaker Thomas M. Baxa U/R 107 C 28
Eventide Noggle Hedge-Mage Larry MacDougall U/R 108 U 6
Eventide Noggle Ransacker Alex Horley-Orlandelli U/R 109 U 5
Eventide Nucklavee Trevor Hairsine U/R 110 U  
Eventide Riverfall Mimic Franz Vohwinkel U/R 111 C 20
Eventide Shrewd Hatchling Carl Frank U/R 112 U 7
Eventide Stream Hopper Dave Allsop U/R 113 C 14
Eventide Unnerving Assault Ron Spencer U/R 114 U 9
Eventide Canker Abomination Brandon Kitkouski B/G 115 U 6
Eventide Cankerous Thirst Carl Frank B/G 116 U 7
Eventide Creakwood Liege Cole Eastburn B/G 117 R 1
Eventide Deity of Scars Steve Prescott B/G 118 R  
Eventide Desecrator Hag Fred Harper B/G 119 C 52
Eventide Doomgape Dave Allsop B/G 120 R 4
Eventide Drain the Well Warren Mahy B/G 121 C 34
Eventide Gift of the Deity Steve Prescott B/G 122 C 34
Eventide Hag Hedge-Mage Scott Altmann B/G 123 U 9
Eventide Noxious Hatchling Nils Hamm B/G 124 U 8
Eventide Odious Trow Warren Mahy B/G 125 C 20
Eventide Quillspike Carl Critchlow B/G 126 U 2
Eventide Rendclaw Trow Warren Mahy B/G 127 C 30
Eventide Sapling of Colfenor John Avon B/G 128 R  
Eventide Stalker Hag Dave Kendall B/G 129 U 4
Eventide Woodlurker Mimic Franz Vohwinkel B/G 130 C 37
Eventide Worm Harvest Chuck Lukacs B/G 131 R 2
Eventide Balefire Liege Ralph Horsley R/W 132 R 2
Eventide Battlegate Mimic Franz Vohwinkel R/W 133 C 39
Eventide Belligerent Hatchling Steve Prescott R/W 134 U 3
Eventide Double Cleave rk post R/W 135 C 9
Eventide Duergar Assailant Paul Bonner R/W 136 C 47
Eventide Duergar Hedge-Mage Dave Allsop R/W 137 U 4
Eventide Duergar Mine-Captain Matt Cavotta R/W 138 U 3
Eventide Figure of Destiny Scott M. Fischer R/W 139 R  
Eventide Fire at Will Pete Venters R/W 140 C 28
Eventide Hearthfire Hobgoblin Steven Belledin R/W 141 U  
Eventide Hobgoblin Dragoon Matt Cavotta R/W 142 C 17
Eventide Moonhold Mike Dringenberg R/W 143 U 4
Eventide Nobilis of War Christopher Moeller R/W 144 R  
Eventide Rise of the Hobgoblins Jeff Miracola R/W 145 R  
Eventide Scourge of the Nobilis Dan Scott R/W 146 C 7
Eventide Spitemare Matt Cavotta R/W 147 U  
Eventide Waves of Aggression Jim Pavelec R/W 148 R  
Eventide Cold-Eyed Selkie Jaime Jones G/U 149 R 2
Eventide Fable of Wolf and Owl Heather Hudson G/U 150 R  
Eventide Favor of the Overbeing Chippy G/U 151 C  
Eventide Gilder Bairn Nils Hamm G/U 152 U  
Eventide Grazing Kelpie Drew Tucker G/U 153 C 47
Eventide Groundling Pouncer Richard Whitters G/U 154 U 6
Eventide Invert the Skies Randy Gallegos G/U 155 U 3
Eventide Murkfiend Liege Carl Critchlow G/U 156 R 1
Eventide Overbeing of Myth Chippy G/U 157 R  
Eventide Selkie Hedge-Mage Larry MacDougall G/U 158 U 8
Eventide Shorecrasher Mimic Franz Vohwinkel G/U 159 C 38
Eventide Slippery Bogle Dave Allsop G/U 160 C  
Eventide Snakeform Jim Nelson G/U 161 C 21
Eventide Spitting Image Jim Nelson G/U 162 R  
Eventide Sturdy Hatchling Darrell Riche G/U 163 U 8
Eventide Trapjaw Kelpie Lars Grant-West G/U 164 C 22
Eventide Wistful Selkie Mark Tedin G/U 165 U 4
Eventide Altar Golem Rob Alexander Artifact 166 R  
Eventide Antler Skulkin Dave Kendall Artifact 167 C 22
Eventide Fang Skulkin Ron Brown Artifact 168 C 35
Eventide Hoof Skulkin Joshua Hagler Artifact 169 C 22
Eventide Jawbone Skulkin Jeff Easley Artifact 170 C 40
Eventide Leering Emblem Ron Brown Artifact 171 R 1
Eventide Scarecrone Jesper Ejsing Artifact 172 R  
Eventide Shell Skulkin Cole Eastburn Artifact 173 C 39
Eventide Ward of Bones David Martin Artifact 174 R  
Eventide Cascade Bluffs Brandon Kitkouski Land 175 R  
Eventide Fetid Heath Daarken Land 176 R  
Eventide Flooded Grove Dave Kendall Land 177 R  
Eventide Rugged Prairie Fred Fields Land 178 R 1
Eventide Springjack Pasture Terese Nielsen Land 179 R 2
Eventide Twilight Mire Rob Alexander Land 180 R 1
Eventide Goat Terese Nielsen White 181 Token 11
Eventide Bird Heather Hudson Blue 182 Token 9
Eventide Beast William O'Connor Green 183 Token 5
Eventide Spirit Larry MacDougall White/Black 184 Token 5
Eventide Elemental Randy Gallegos Blue/Red 185 Token  
Eventide Worm Chuck Lukacs Black/Green 186 Token 13
Eventide Goblin Soldier Jeff Miracola Red/White 187 Token 6