Merlyn's Exodus Magic Card List  

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Set Name Name Color Rarity # Artist Qty on Hand
Exodus Allay White Common 1 Randy Gallegos 88
Exodus Angelic Blessing White Common 2 Mark Zug 84
Exodus Cataclysm White Rare 3 Jim Nelson 1
Exodus Charging Paladin White Common 4 Ciruelo 88
Exodus Convalescence White Rare 5 D. Alexander Gregory 11
Exodus Exalted Dragon White Rare 6 Matthew Wilson 18
Exodus High Ground White Uncommon 7 rk post 43
Exodus Keeper of the Light White Uncommon 8 D. Alexander Gregory 31
Exodus Kor Chant White Common 9 John Matson 91
Exodus Limited Resources White Rare 10 Kieth Parkinson 5
Exodus Oath of Lieges White Rare 11 Mark Zug 5
Exodus Paladin en-Vec White Rare 12 Randy Elliott 3
Exodus Peace of Mind White Uncommon 13 Randy Elliott 34
Exodus Pegasus Stampede White Uncommon 14 Mark Zug 38
Exodus Penance White Uncommon 15 Terese Nielsen 33
Exodus Reaping the Rewards White Common 16 Heather Hudson 90
Exodus Reconnaissance White Uncommon 17 Val Mayerik 29
Exodus Shackles White Common 18 Heather Hudson 88
Exodus Shield Mate White Common 19 Randy Elliott 89
Exodus Soltari Visionary White Common 20 Adam Rex 88
Exodus Soul Warden White Common 21 Randy Gallegos 33
Exodus Standing Troops White Common 22 Daren Bader 90
Exodus Treasure Hunter White Uncommon 23 Adam Rex 26
Exodus Wall of Nets White Rare 24 Terese Nielsen 14
Exodus Welkin Hawk White Common 25 Rob Alexander 105
Exodus Zealots en-Dal White Uncommon 26 Brom 36
Exodus Ęther Tide Blue Common 27 Andrew Robinson 109
Exodus Cunning Blue Common 28 Kev Walker 95
Exodus Curiosity Blue Uncommon 29 Val Mayerik 10
Exodus Dominating Licid Blue Rare 30 Kieth Parkinson 1
Exodus Ephemeron Blue Rare 31 Keith Parkinson 6
Exodus Equilibrium Blue Rare 32 Jeff Miracola 9
Exodus Ertai, Wizard Adept Blue Rare 33 Terese Nielsen  
Exodus Fade Away Blue Common 34 Jeff Miracola 92
Exodus Forbid Blue Uncommon 35 Scott Kirschner 30
Exodus Keeper of the Mind Blue Uncommon 36 Matthew Wilson 37
Exodus Killer Whale Blue Uncommon 37 Stephen Daniele 33
Exodus Mana Breach Blue Uncommon 38 Rebecca Guay 28
Exodus Merfolk Looter Blue Uncommon 39 Ron Spencer 83
Exodus Mind Over Matter Blue Rare 40 Keith Parkinson  
Exodus Mirozel Blue Uncommon 41 Jim Nelson 52
Exodus Oath of Scholars Blue Rare 42 Michael Sutfin 13
Exodus Robe of Mirrors Blue Common 43 John Matson 106
Exodus Rootwater Mystic Blue Common 44 Michael Sutfin 95
Exodus School of Piranha Blue Common 45 Daren Bader 88
Exodus Scrivener Blue Uncommon 46 Heather Hudson 29
Exodus Thalakos Drifters Blue Rare 47 Andrew Robinson 8
Exodus Thalakos Scout Blue Common 48 Daren Bader 110
Exodus Theft of Dreams Blue Common 49 Richard Kane Ferguson 121
Exodus Treasure Trove Blue Uncommon 50 Michael Sutfin 56
Exodus Wayward Soul Blue Common 51 DiTerlizzi 93
Exodus Whiptongue Frog Blue Common 52 Jeff Miracola 121
Exodus Carnophage Black Common 53 Pete Venters 53
Exodus Cat Burglar Black Common 54 DiTerlizzi 115
Exodus Culling the Weak Black Common 55 Scott M. Fischer 60
Exodus Cursed Flesh Black Common 56 Ron Spencer 101
Exodus Dauthi Cutthroat Black Uncommon 57 Dermot Power 17
Exodus Dauthi Jackal Black Common 58 Adam Rex 109
Exodus Dauthi Warlord Black Uncommon 59 Kev Walker 23
Exodus Death's Duet Black Common 60 Keith Parkinson 100
Exodus Entropic Specter Black Rare 61 Ron Spencer 10
Exodus Fugue Black Uncommon 62 Randy Gallegos 40
Exodus Grollub Black Common 63 Chippy 97
Exodus Hatred Black Rare 64 Brom  
Exodus Keeper of the Dead Black Uncommon 65 Brom 35
Exodus Mind Maggots Black Uncommon 66 Ron Spencer 51
Exodus Nausea Black Common 67 Jeff Miracola 106
Exodus Necrologia Black Uncommon 68 Brom 53
Exodus Oath of Ghouls Black Rare 69 Brom 3
Exodus Pit Spawn Black Rare 70 Thomas M. Baxa 9
Exodus Plaguebearer Black Rare 71 Ron Spencer 8
Exodus Recurring Nightmare Black Rare 72 Jeff Laubenstein  
Exodus Scare Tactics Black Common 73 DiTerlizzi 79
Exodus Slaughter Black Uncommon 74 Pete Venters 33
Exodus Spike Cannibal Black Common 75 Joel Biske 42
Exodus Thrull Surgeon Black Common 76 rk post 115
Exodus Vampire Hounds Black Common 77 Kev Walker 110
Exodus Volrath's Dungeon Black Rare 78 Stephen Daniele 21
Exodus Anarchist Red Common 79 Brom 115
Exodus Cinder Crawler Red Common 80 Jim Nelson 113
Exodus Dizzying Gaze Red Common 81 Thomas M. Baxa 99
Exodus Fighting Chance Red Rare 82 Mike Raabe 13
Exodus Flowstone Flood Red Uncommon 83 Paolo Parente 63
Exodus Furnace Brood Red Common 84 Jeff Miracola 109
Exodus Keeper of the Flame Red Uncommon 85 Terese Nielsen 38
Exodus Mage il-Vec Red Common 86 John Matson 114
Exodus Maniacal Rage Red Common 87 Pete Venters 98
Exodus Mogg Assassin Red Uncommon 88 Dermot Power 36
Exodus Monstrous Hound Red Rare 89 Dermot Power 16
Exodus Oath of Mages Red Rare 90 Keith Parkinson 15
Exodus Ogre Shaman Red Rare 91 Paolo Parente 13
Exodus Onslaught Red Common 92 Paolo Parente 99
Exodus Pandemonium Red Rare 93 Pete Venters 7
Exodus Paroxysm Red Uncommon 94 Scott Kirschner 34
Exodus Price of Progress Red Uncommon 95 Richard Kane Ferguson 9
Exodus Raging Goblin Red Common 96 Brian Snoddy 69
Exodus Ravenous Baboons Red Rare 97 Daren Bader 7
Exodus Reckless Ogre Red Common 98 Paolo Parente 98
Exodus Sabertooth Wyvern Red Uncommon 99 Keith Parkinson 35
Exodus Scalding Salamander Red Uncommon 100 Terese Nielsen 52
Exodus Seismic Assault Red Rare 101 Dermot Power 3
Exodus Shattering Pulse Red Common 102 Donato Giancola 99
Exodus Sonic Burst Red Common 103 Brian Snoddy 80
Exodus Spellshock Red Uncommon 104 Thomas M. Baxa 7
Exodus Avenging Druid Green Common 105 Daren Bader 115
Exodus Bequeathal Green Common 106 D. Alexander Gregory 76
Exodus Cartographer Green Uncommon 107 Jeff Laubenstein 38
Exodus Crashing Boars Green Uncommon 108 Ron Spencer 127
Exodus Elven Palisade Green Uncommon 109 Mark Zug 28
Exodus Elvish Berserker Green Common 110 Paolo Parente 77
Exodus Jackalope Herd Green Common 111 Ron Spencer 94
Exodus Keeper of the Beasts Green Uncommon 112 rk post 46
Exodus Manabond Green Rare 113 Stephen Daniele 1
Exodus Mirri, Cat Warrior Green Rare 114 Daren Bader 6
Exodus Oath of Druids Green Rare 115 Daren Bader 3
Exodus Plated Rootwalla Green Common 116 Randy Elliott 113
Exodus Predatory Hunger Green Common 117 Brom 68
Exodus Pygmy Troll Green Common 118 Daniel Gelon 91
Exodus Rabid Wolverines Green Common 119 Daren Bader 104
Exodus Reclaim Green Common 120 Andrew Robinson 62
Exodus Resuscitate Green Uncommon 121 Rebecca Guay 33
Exodus Rootwater Alligator Green Common 122 Stephen Daniele 99
Exodus Skyshroud Elite Green Common 123 Paolo Parente 31
Exodus Skyshroud War Beast Green Rare 124 Jim Nelson 11
Exodus Song of Serenity Green Uncommon 125 DiTerlizzi 30
Exodus Spike Hatcher Green Rare 126 Stephen Daniele 10
Exodus Spike Rogue Green Uncommon 127 Heather Hudson 39
Exodus Spike Weaver Green Rare 128 Mike Raabe 1
Exodus Survival of the Fittest Green Rare 129 Pete Venters  
Exodus Wood Elves Green Common 130 Rebecca Guay 59
Exodus Coat of Arms Artifacts Rare 131 Scott Fisher 4
Exodus Erratic Portal Artifacts Rare 132 John Matson 3
Exodus Medicine Bag Artifacts Uncommon 133 DiTerlizzi 42
Exodus Memory Crystal Artifacts Rare 134 Michael Sutfin 5
Exodus Mindless Automaton Artifacts Rare 135 Brian Snoddy 14
Exodus Null Brooch Artifacts Rare 136 DiTerlizzi 8
Exodus Skyshaper Artifacts Uncommon 137 Donato Giancola 32
Exodus Spellbook Artifacts Uncommon 138 Ciruelo 10
Exodus Sphere of Resistance Artifacts Rare 139 Doug Chaffee  
Exodus Thopter Squadron Artifacts Rare 140 Doug Chaffee 14
Exodus Transmogrifying Licid Artifacts Uncommon 141 Jim Nelson 33
Exodus Workhorse Artifacts Rare 142 DiTerlizzi 11
Exodus City of Traitors Land Rare 143 Kev Walker