Merlyn's Gatecrash Magic Card List  

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Set Name Color # Rarity Artist Quantity
Gatecrash Aerial Maneuver White 1 C Scott Chou 46
Gatecrash Angelic Edict White 2 C Trevor Claxton 50
Gatecrash Angelic Skirmisher White 3 R David Rapoza 3
Gatecrash Assault Griffin White 4 C Eric Velhagen 50
Gatecrash Basilica Guards White 5 C Dan Scott 49
Gatecrash Blind Obedience White 6 R Seb McKinnon 2
Gatecrash Boros Elite White 7 U Willian Murai 25
Gatecrash Court Street Denizen White 8 C Volkan Baga 50
Gatecrash Daring Skyjek White 9 C Jason Chan 51
Gatecrash Debtor's Pulpit White 10 U James Paick 33
Gatecrash Dutiful Thrull White 11 C Daarken 50
Gatecrash Frontline Medic White 12 R Willian Murai 4
Gatecrash Gideon, Champion of Justice White 13 M David Rapoza  
Gatecrash Guardian of the Gateless White 14 U Wesley Burt 21
Gatecrash Guildscorn Ward White 15 C Ryan Barger 50
Gatecrash Hold the Gates White 16 U Zoltan Boros 44
Gatecrash Holy Mantle White 17 U Maciej Kuciara 16
Gatecrash Knight of Obligation White 18 U Ryan Barger 22
Gatecrash Knight Watch White 19 C Matt Stewart 49
Gatecrash Luminate Primordial White 20 R Stephan Martiniere 9
Gatecrash Murder Investigation White 21 U Igor Kieryluk 22
Gatecrash Nav Squad Commandos White 22 C Steve Prescott 48
Gatecrash Righteous Charge White 23 U Svetlin Velinov 32
Gatecrash Shielded Passage White 24 C Raymond Swanland 45
Gatecrash Smite White 25 C Zoltan Boros 48
Gatecrash Syndic of Tithes White 26 C Steve Prescott 26
Gatecrash Urbis Protector White 27 U Steve Argyle 19
Gatecrash Zarichi Tiger White 28 C Nic Klein 51
Gatecrash Ętherize Blue 29 U Ryan Barger 26
Gatecrash Agoraphobia Blue 30 U Jim Murray 31
Gatecrash Clinging Anemones Blue 31 C Mike Bierek 48
Gatecrash Cloudfin Raptor Blue 32 C Peter Mohrbacher 14
Gatecrash Diluvian Primordial Blue 33 R Stephan Martiniere 3
Gatecrash Enter the Infinite Blue 34 M Terese Nielsen  
Gatecrash Frilled Oculus Blue 35 C Marco Nelor 50
Gatecrash Gridlock Blue 36 U Yeong-Hao Han 20
Gatecrash Hands of Binding Blue 37 C Raymond Swanland 50
Gatecrash Incursion Specialist Blue 38 U Svetlin Velinov 23
Gatecrash Keymaster Rogue Blue 39 C Winona Nelson 50
Gatecrash Last Thoughts Blue 40 C Peter Mohrbacher 50
Gatecrash Leyline Phantom Blue 41 C Ryan Yee 50
Gatecrash Metropolis Sprite Blue 42 C Scott Chou 50
Gatecrash Mindeye Drake Blue 43 U Lars Grant-West 24
Gatecrash Rapid Hybridization Blue 44 U Jack Wang 4
Gatecrash Realmwright Blue 45 R Slawomir Maniak 10
Gatecrash Sage's Row Denizen Blue 46 C Svetlin Velinov 50
Gatecrash Sapphire Drake Blue 47 U Steve Prescott 28
Gatecrash Scatter Arc Blue 48 C Peter Mohrbacher 50
Gatecrash Simic Fluxmage Blue 49 U Karl Kopinski 14
Gatecrash Simic Manipulator Blue 50 R Maciej Kuciara 2
Gatecrash Skygames Blue 51 C Sam Burley 35
Gatecrash Spell Rupture Blue 52 C Kev Walker 49
Gatecrash Stolen Identity Blue 53 R Clint Cearley 5
Gatecrash Totally Lost Blue 54 C David Palumbo 50
Gatecrash Voidwalk Blue 55 U James Ryman 23
Gatecrash Way of the Thief Blue 56 C Igor Kieryluk 50
Gatecrash Balustrade Spy Black 57 C Jaime Jones 40
Gatecrash Basilica Screecher Black 58 C Christine Choi 42
Gatecrash Contaminated Ground Black 59 C Christine Choi 48
Gatecrash Corpse Blockade Black 60 C Lucas Graciano 50
Gatecrash Crypt Ghast Black 61 R Chris Rahn  
Gatecrash Death's Approach Black 62 C Terese Nielsen 50
Gatecrash Devour Flesh Black 63 C Kev Walker 31
Gatecrash Dying Wish Black 64 U Scott Chou 28
Gatecrash Gateway Shade Black 65 U Ryan Yee 22
Gatecrash Grisly Spectacle Black 66 C Zoltan Boros 50
Gatecrash Gutter Skulk Black 67 C Mark Winters 50
Gatecrash Horror of the Dim Black 68 C Jack Wang 50
Gatecrash Illness in the Ranks Black 69 U Nils Hamm 19
Gatecrash Killing Glare Black 70 U Peter Mohrbacher 12
Gatecrash Lord of the Void Black 71 M Chris Rahn  
Gatecrash Mental Vapors Black 72 U Mark Winters 25
Gatecrash Midnight Recovery Black 73 C Peter Mohrbacher 50
Gatecrash Ogre Slumlord Black 74 R Trevor Claxton  
Gatecrash Sepulchral Primordial Black 75 R Stephan Martiniere 1
Gatecrash Shadow Alley Denizen Black 76 C Cynthia Sheppard 48
Gatecrash Shadow Slice Black 77 C Raymond Swanland 50
Gatecrash Slate Street Ruffian Black 78 C Jim Murray 47
Gatecrash Smog Elemental Black 79 U Yeong-Hao Han 28
Gatecrash Syndicate Enforcer Black 80 C Steven Belledin 39
Gatecrash Thrull Parasite Black 81 U Clint Cearley 19
Gatecrash Undercity Informer Black 82 U Raymond Swanland 20
Gatecrash Undercity Plague Black 83 R Vincent Proce 5
Gatecrash Wight of Precinct Six Black 84 U Ryan Barger 24
Gatecrash Act of Treason Red 85 C Matt Stewart 51
Gatecrash Bomber Corps Red 86 C Chase Stone 45
Gatecrash Cinder Elemental Red 87 U Svetlin Velinov 24
Gatecrash Crackling Perimeter Red 88 U Yeong-Hao Han 27
Gatecrash Ember Beast Red 89 C David Rapoza 44
Gatecrash Firefist Striker Red 90 U Tyler Jacobson 22
Gatecrash Five-Alarm Fire Red 91 R Karl Kopinski 7
Gatecrash Foundry Street Denizen Red 92 C Raoul Vitale 37
Gatecrash Furious Resistance Red 93 C Slawomir Maniak 50
Gatecrash Hellkite Tyrant Red 94 M Aleksi Briclot  
Gatecrash Hellraiser Goblin Red 95 U Karl Kopinski 18
Gatecrash Homing Lightning Red 96 U Slawomir Maniak 22
Gatecrash Legion Loyalist Red 97 R Eric Deschamps  
Gatecrash Madcap Skills Red 98 C Anthony Palumbo 18
Gatecrash Mark for Death Red 99 U Mathias Kollros 25
Gatecrash Massive Raid Red 100 C Zoltan Boros 50
Gatecrash Molten Primordial Red 101 R Stephan Martiniere 6
Gatecrash Mugging Red 102 C Greg Staples 43
Gatecrash Ripscale Predator Red 103 U Volkan Baga 27
Gatecrash Scorchwalker Red 104 C Anthony Palumbo 37
Gatecrash Skinbrand Goblin Red 105 C Marco Nelor 39
Gatecrash Skullcrack Red 106 U Dave Kendall 2
Gatecrash Structural Collapse Red 107 C Sam Burley 43
Gatecrash Tin Street Market Red 108 C Noah Bradley 39
Gatecrash Towering Thunderfist Red 109 C Zoltan Boros 49
Gatecrash Viashino Shanktail Red 110 U Kev Walker 42
Gatecrash Warmind Infantry Red 111 C Greg Staples 48
Gatecrash Wrecking Ogre Red 112 R Nils Hamm 5
Gatecrash Adaptive Snapjaw Green 113 C Tomasz Jedruszek 40
Gatecrash Alpha Authority Green 114 U Dave Kendall 15
Gatecrash Burst of Strength Green 115 C Marco Nelor 44
Gatecrash Crocanura Green 116 C Jack Wang 52
Gatecrash Crowned Ceratok Green 117 U Steve Prescott 16
Gatecrash Disciple of the Old Ways Green 118 C Anthony Palumbo 50
Gatecrash Experiment One Green 119 U Chase Stone 20
Gatecrash Forced Adaptation Green 120 C Trevor Claxton 33
Gatecrash Giant Adephage Green 121 M Christine Choi 1
Gatecrash Greenside Watcher Green 122 C Ryan Barger 50
Gatecrash Gyre Sage Green 123 R Tyler Jacobson 3
Gatecrash Hindervines Green 124 U Svetlin Velinov 24
Gatecrash Ivy Lane Denizen Green 125 C Winona Nelson 50
Gatecrash Miming Slime Green 126 U Svetlin Velinov 32
Gatecrash Naturalize Green 127 C Daniel Ljunggren 47
Gatecrash Ooze Flux Green 128 R Zoltan Boros 17
Gatecrash Predator's Rapport Green 129 C Matt Stewart 50
Gatecrash Rust Scarab Green 130 U Adam Paquette 28
Gatecrash Scab-Clan Charger Green 131 C Nils Hamm 50
Gatecrash Serene Remembrance Green 132 U David Palumbo 28
Gatecrash Skarrg Goliath Green 133 R Scott Chou 19
Gatecrash Slaughterhorn Green 134 C Steve Prescott 50
Gatecrash Spire Tracer Green 135 C Christopher Moeller 50
Gatecrash Sylvan Primordial Green 136 R Stephan Martiniere 5
Gatecrash Tower Defense Green 137 U Seb McKinnon 17
Gatecrash Verdant Haven Green 138 C Daniel Ljunggren 47
Gatecrash Wasteland Viper Green 139 U Lucas Graciano 11
Gatecrash Wildwood Rebirth Green 140 C Dan Scott 24
Gatecrash Alms Beast White/Black 141 R Dan Scott 8
Gatecrash Assemble the Legion White/Red 142 R Eric Deschamps 1
Gatecrash Aurelia, the Warleader White/Red 143 M Slawomir Maniak  
Gatecrash Aurelia's Fury White/Red 144 M Tyler Jacobson 1
Gatecrash Bane Alley Broker Blue/Black 145 U Clint Cearley 21
Gatecrash Biovisionary Blue/Green 146 R Ryan Barger 5
Gatecrash Borborygmos Enraged Red/Green 147 M Aleksi Briclot  
Gatecrash Boros Charm White/Red 148 U Zoltan Boros  
Gatecrash Call of the Nightwing Blue/Black 149 U Adam Paquette 18
Gatecrash Cartel Aristocrat White/Black 150 U James Ryman 13
Gatecrash Clan Defiance Red/Green 151 R Daarken 4
Gatecrash Consuming Aberration Blue/Black 152 R Karl Kopinski 3
Gatecrash Deathpact Angel White/Black 153 M Jason Chan 3
Gatecrash Dimir Charm Blue/Black 154 U Zoltan Boros 18
Gatecrash Dinrova Horror Blue/Black 155 U Johann Bodin 20
Gatecrash Domri Rade Red/Green 156 M Tyler Jacobson  
Gatecrash Drakewing Krasis Blue/Green 157 C Johann Bodin 50
Gatecrash Duskmantle Guildmage Blue/Black 158 U Slawomir Maniak 23
Gatecrash Duskmantle Seer Blue/Black 159 M Kev Walker 2
Gatecrash Elusive Krasis Blue/Green 160 U Wesley Burt 19
Gatecrash Executioner's Swing White/Black 161 C Karl Kopinski 40
Gatecrash Fathom Mage Blue/Green 162 R Ryan Pancoast 3
Gatecrash Firemane Avenger White/Red 163 R Wayne Reynolds 3
Gatecrash Fortress Cyclops White/Red 164 U Maciej Kuciara 26
Gatecrash Foundry Champion White/Red 165 R Todd Lockwood 6
Gatecrash Frenzied Tilling Red/Green 166 U Noah Bradley 31
Gatecrash Ghor-Clan Rampager Red/Green 167 U Charles Urbach 11
Gatecrash Ground Assault Red/Green 168 U Karl Kopinski 22
Gatecrash Gruul Charm Red/Green 169 U Zoltan Boros 17
Gatecrash Gruul Ragebeast Red/Green 170 R Dave Kendall 16
Gatecrash High Priest of Penance White/Black 171 R Mark Zug 2
Gatecrash Hydroform Blue/Green 172 C Howard Lyon 50
Gatecrash Kingpin's Pet White/Black 173 C Mark Zug 50
Gatecrash Lazav, Dimir Mastermind Blue/Black 174 M David Rapoza 5
Gatecrash Martial Glory White/Red 175 C Raymond Swanland 51
Gatecrash Master Biomancer Blue/Green 176 M Willian Murai 4
Gatecrash Merciless Eviction White/Black 177 R Richard Wright 1
Gatecrash Mind Grind Blue/Black 178 R Daarken  
Gatecrash Mortus Strider Blue/Black 179 C Tomasz Jedruszek 50
Gatecrash Mystic Genesis Blue/Green 180 R Mike Bierek 8
Gatecrash Nimbus Swimmer Blue/Green 181 U Howard Lyon 20
Gatecrash Obzedat, Ghost Council White/Black 182 M Svetlin Velinov  
Gatecrash One Thousand Lashes White/Black 183 U Daarken 25
Gatecrash Ordruun Veteran White/Red 184 U Greg Staples 21
Gatecrash Orzhov Charm White/Black 185 U Zoltan Boros 11
Gatecrash Paranoid Delusions Blue/Black 186 C Christopher Moeller 50
Gatecrash Primal Visitation Red/Green 187 C Christopher Moeller 50
Gatecrash Prime Speaker Zegana Blue/Green 188 M Willian Murai  
Gatecrash Psychic Strike Blue/Black 189 C Mathias Kollros 48
Gatecrash Purge the Profane White/Black 190 C Michael C. Hayes 50
Gatecrash Rubblehulk Red/Green 191 R Raymond Swanland 2
Gatecrash Ruination Wurm Red/Green 192 C Dave Kendall 50
Gatecrash Shambleshark Blue/Green 193 C Wesley Burt 50
Gatecrash Signal the Clans Red/Green 194 R Dave Kendall 8
Gatecrash Simic Charm Blue/Green 195 U Zoltan Boros 12
Gatecrash Skarrg Guildmage Red/Green 196 U Aleksi Briclot 35
Gatecrash Skyknight Legionnaire White/Red 197 C Anthony Palumbo 46
Gatecrash Soul Ransom Blue/Black 198 R Steve Argyle 8
Gatecrash Spark Trooper White/Red 199 R James Ryman 4
Gatecrash Sunhome Guildmage White/Red 200 U Eric Deschamps 28
Gatecrash Treasury Thrull White/Black 201 R Mark Zug 10
Gatecrash Truefire Paladin White/Red 202 U Michael C. Hayes 19
Gatecrash Unexpected Results Blue/Green 203 R Mike Bierek 4
Gatecrash Urban Evolution Blue/Green 204 U Eytan Zana 12
Gatecrash Vizkopa Confessor White/Black 205 U Ryan Pancoast 14
Gatecrash Vizkopa Guildmage White/Black 206 U Tyler Jacobson 14
Gatecrash Whispering Madness Blue/Black 207 R Clint Cearley 10
Gatecrash Wojek Halberdiers White/Red 208 C Nic Klein 48
Gatecrash Zameck Guildmage Blue/Green 209 U Chase Stone 12
Gatecrash Zhur-Taa Swine Red/Green 210 C Yeong-Hao Han 50
Gatecrash Arrows of Justice White/Red 211 U James Ryman 24
Gatecrash Beckon Apparition White/Black 212 C Cliff Childs 46
Gatecrash Biomass Mutation Blue/Green 213 R Dan Scott 11
Gatecrash Bioshift Blue/Green 214 C Scott Chou 33
Gatecrash Boros Reckoner White/Red 215 R Howard Lyon  
Gatecrash Burning-Tree Emissary Red/Green 216 U Izzy 6
Gatecrash Coerced Confession Blue/Black 217 U Mathias Kollros 23
Gatecrash Deathcult Rogue Blue/Black 218 C David Palumbo 50
Gatecrash Gift of Orzhova White/Black 219 U Johannes Voss 17
Gatecrash Immortal Servitude White/Black 220 R Seb McKinnon 4
Gatecrash Merfolk of the Depths Blue/Green 221 U Scott Chou 30
Gatecrash Nightveil Specter Blue/Black 222 R Min Yum  
Gatecrash Pit Fight Red/Green 223 C Matt Stewart 50
Gatecrash Rubblebelt Raiders Red/Green 224 R Chippy 10
Gatecrash Shattering Blow White/Red 225 C Steve Prescott 50
Gatecrash Armored Transport Artifact 226 C Cliff Childs 50
Gatecrash Boros Keyrune Artifact 227 U Daniel Ljunggren 17
Gatecrash Dimir Keyrune Artifact 228 U Daniel Ljunggren 11
Gatecrash Glaring Spotlight Artifact 229 R Adam Paquette 12
Gatecrash Gruul Keyrune Artifact 230 U Daniel Ljunggren 26
Gatecrash Illusionist's Bracers Artifact 231 R Svetlin Velinov  
Gatecrash Millennial Gargoyle Artifact 232 C Seb McKinnon 50
Gatecrash Orzhov Keyrune Artifact 233 U Daniel Ljunggren 17
Gatecrash Prophetic Prism Artifact 234 C Daniel Ljunggren 49
Gatecrash Razortip Whip Artifact 235 C James Paick 50
Gatecrash Riot Gear Artifact 236 C Jack Wang 50
Gatecrash Simic Keyrune Artifact 237 U Daniel Ljunggren 35
Gatecrash Skyblinder Staff Artifact 238 C Mark Winters 45
Gatecrash Boros Guildgate Land 239 C Noah Bradley 13
Gatecrash Breeding Pool Land 240 R Mike Bierek  
Gatecrash Dimir Guildgate Land 241 C Cliff Childs 47
Gatecrash Godless Shrine Land 242 R Cliff Childs  
Gatecrash Gruul Guildgate Land 243 C Randy Gallegos 27
Gatecrash Orzhov Guildgate Land 244 C John Avon 18
Gatecrash Sacred Foundry Land 245 R Sam Burley  
Gatecrash Simic Guildgate Land 246 C Svetlin Velinov 41
Gatecrash Stomping Ground Land 247 R David Palumbo  
Gatecrash Thespian's Stage Land 248 R John Avon  
Gatecrash Watery Grave Land 249 R Raymond Swanland  
Gatecrash Rat Token-Black   C   2
Gatecrash Frog Lizard Token-Green   C   10
Gatecrash Cleric Token-Multi   C   1
Gatecrash Horror Token-Multi   C   27
Gatecrash Spirit Token-Multi   C   21
  Emblem - Domri Rade Token   C   1
  Soldier red/white       8