Merlyn's Morningtide Magic Card List  

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Set Name Card Name Color # Rarity Artist Qty on Hand
Morningtide Ballyrush Banneret White 1 C Ralph Horsley 15
Morningtide Battletide Alchemist White 2 R Steve Prescott 1
Morningtide Burrenton Bombardier White 3 C Ron Spencer 28
Morningtide Burrenton Shield-Bearers White 4 C Daren Bader 17
Morningtide Cenn's Tactician White 5 U Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 8
Morningtide Changeling Sentinel White 6 C Chuck Lukacs 16
Morningtide Coordinated Barrage White 7 C Franz Vohwinkel 19
Morningtide Daily Regimen White 8 U Warren Mahy 4
Morningtide Feudkiller's Verdict White 9 R Dan Scott 1
Morningtide Forfend White 10 C Franz Vohwinkel 8
Morningtide Graceful Reprieve White 11 U William O'Connor 6
Morningtide Idyllic Tutor White 12 R Howard Lyon  
Morningtide Indomitable Ancients White 13 R Pete Venters  
Morningtide Kinsbaile Borderguard White 14 R Christopher Moeller 6
Morningtide Kinsbaile Cavalier White 15 R Wayne Reynolds 8
Morningtide Kithkin Zephyrnaut White 16 C Quinton Hoover & Val Mayerik 20
Morningtide Meadowboon White 17 U Steven Belledin 1
Morningtide Mosquito Guard White 18 C Randy Gallegos  
Morningtide Order of the Golden Cricket White 19 C Mark Zug 4
Morningtide Preeminent Captain White 20 R Greg Staples 3
Morningtide Redeem the Lost White 21 U Scott M. Fischer 6
Morningtide Reveillark White 22 R Jim Murray 4
Morningtide Shinewend White 23 C Terese Nielsen 23
Morningtide Stonehewer Giant White 24 R Steve Prescott 3
Morningtide Stonybrook Schoolmaster White 25 C Quinton Hoover & Val Mayerik 1
Morningtide Swell of Courage White 26 U Jim Nelson 6
Morningtide Wandering Graybeard White 27 U Nils Hamm 5
Morningtide Weight of Conscience White 28 C Heather Hudson 32
Morningtide Declaration of Naught Blue 29 R Rob Alexander 4
Morningtide Dewdrop Spy Blue 30 C Wayne England 15
Morningtide Disperse Blue 31 C Steve Ellis 14
Morningtide Distant Melody Blue 32 C Omar Rayyan 12
Morningtide Fencer Clique Blue 33 C William O'Connor 31
Morningtide Floodchaser Blue 34 C Eric Fortune 12
Morningtide Grimoire Thief Blue 35 R Randy Gallegos  
Morningtide Ink Dissolver Blue 36 C Brandon Dorman 5
Morningtide Inspired Sprite Blue 37 U Michael Sutfin  
Morningtide Knowledge Exploitation Blue 38 R Darrell Riche 2
Morningtide Latchkey Faerie Blue 39 C Warren Mahy 15
Morningtide Merrow Witsniper Blue 40 C Steve Prescott 27
Morningtide Mind Spring Blue 41 R Mark Zug 4
Morningtide Mothdust Changeling Blue 42 C Shelly Wan 30
Morningtide Negate Blue 43 C Jeremy Jarvis 22
Morningtide Nevermaker Blue 44 U Chuck Lukacs 6
Morningtide Notorious Throng Blue 45 R Thomas Denmark 4
Morningtide Research the Deep Blue 46 U Eric Fortune 1
Morningtide Sage of Fables Blue 47 U Shelly Wan 2
Morningtide Sage's Dousing Blue 48 U Richard Sardinha  
Morningtide Sigil Tracer Blue 49 R Dan Scott 1
Morningtide Slithermuse Blue 50 R Steven Belledin 4
Morningtide Stonybrook Banneret Blue 51 C Ralph Horsley 11
Morningtide Stream of Unconsciousness Blue 52 C Rebecca Guay 27
Morningtide Supreme Exemplar Blue 53 R Mark Tedin  
Morningtide Thieves' Fortune Blue 54 U Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 4
Morningtide Vendilion Clique Blue 55 R Michael Sutfin  
Morningtide Waterspout Weavers Blue 56 U Eric Fortune 12
Morningtide Auntie's Snitch Black 57 R Warren Mahy 7
Morningtide Bitterblossom Black 58 R Rebecca Guay  
Morningtide Blightsoil Druid Black 59 C Nils Hamm 7
Morningtide Earwig Squad Black 60 R Warren Mahy  
Morningtide Fendeep Summoner Black 61 R Jesper Ejsing 7
Morningtide Festercreep Black 62 C Jeff Easley 26
Morningtide Final-Sting Faerie Black 63 C Wayne Reynolds 18
Morningtide Frogtosser Banneret Black 64 C Ralph Horsley 2
Morningtide Maralen of the Mornsong Black 65 R Mark Zug  
Morningtide Mind Shatter Black 66 R Michael Sutfin 5
Morningtide Moonglove Changeling Black 67 C Wayne England 5
Morningtide Morsel Theft Black 68 C Darrell Riche 6
Morningtide Nightshade Schemers Black 69 U Parente 8
Morningtide Noggin Whack Black 70 U Alan Pollack  
Morningtide Offalsnout Black 71 U Alex Horley-Orlandelli 6
Morningtide Oona's Blackguard Black 72 U Kev Walker 1
Morningtide Pack's Disdain Black 73 C Pete Venters 15
Morningtide Prickly Boggart Black 74 C Jesper Ejsing 8
Morningtide Pulling Teeth Black 75 C Jim Pavelec 14
Morningtide Revive the Fallen Black 76 U Steven Belledin 10
Morningtide Scarblade Elite Black 77 R Greg Staples 5
Morningtide Squeaking Pie Grubfellows Black 78 C Jim Pavelec 18
Morningtide Stenchskipper Black 79 R Howard Lyon 4
Morningtide Stinkdrinker Bandit Black 80 U Brandon Dorman  
Morningtide Violet Pall Black 81 C Jeff Miracola 16
Morningtide Warren Weirding Black 82 U Matt Cavotta 5
Morningtide Weed-Pruner Poplar Black 83 C Jeff Miracola 9
Morningtide Weirding Shaman Black 84 R Matt Cavotta 4
Morningtide Boldwyr Heavyweights Red 85 R Wayne Reynolds 12
Morningtide Boldwyr Intimidator Red 86 U Christopher Moeller 8
Morningtide Borderland Behemoth Red 87 R Jesper Ejsing 6
Morningtide Brighthearth Banneret Red 88 C Ralph Horsley 20
Morningtide Countryside Crusher Red 89 R Brian Snoddy 3
Morningtide Fire Juggler Red 90 C Thomas Denmark 19
Morningtide Hostile Realm Red 91 C John Avon 14
Morningtide Kindled Fury Red 92 C Shelly Wan 21
Morningtide Lightning Crafter Red 93 R Dan Scott 4
Morningtide Lunk Errant Red 94 C Warren Mahy 17
Morningtide Mudbutton Clanger Red 95 C Larry MacDougall 6
Morningtide Pyroclast Consul Red 96 U Christopher Moeller 4
Morningtide Rage Forger Red 97 U Dominick Domingo 2
Morningtide Release the Ants Red 98 U Ron Spencer 12
Morningtide Rivals' Duel Red 99 U Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 1
Morningtide Roar of the Crowd Red 100 C Dave Dorman 21
Morningtide Seething Pathblazer Red 101 C Steve Prescott 14
Morningtide Sensation Gorger Red 102 R Matt Cavotta  
Morningtide Shard Volley Red 103 C Franz Vohwinkel  
Morningtide Shared Animosity Red 104 R Chuck Lukacs  
Morningtide Spitebellows Red 105 U Larry MacDougall 3
Morningtide Stingmoggie Red 106 C Omar Rayyan 10
Morningtide Stomping Slabs Red 107 U Alex Horley-Orlandelli 1
Morningtide Sunflare Shaman Red 108 C Dave Dorman 13
Morningtide Taurean Mauler Red 109 R Dominick Domingo 3
Morningtide Titan's Revenge Red 110 R Christopher Moeller 2
Morningtide Vengeful Firebrand Red 111 R William O'Connor 7
Morningtide War-Spike Changeling Red 112 C Mark Poole 12
Morningtide Ambassador Oak Green 113 C Steve Prescott 21
Morningtide Bosk Banneret Green 114 C Ralph Horsley 17
Morningtide Bramblewood Paragon Green 115 U Jim Murray 9
Morningtide Chameleon Colossus Green 116 R Darrell Riche  
Morningtide Cream of the Crop Green 117 R Howard Lyon  
Morningtide Deglamer Green 118 C Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai  
Morningtide Earthbrawn Green 119 C Kev Walker 14
Morningtide Elvish Warrior Green 120 C Kev Walker 29
Morningtide Everbark Shaman Green 121 C Larry MacDougall 31
Morningtide Fertilid Green 122 C Wayne Reynolds 23
Morningtide Game-Trail Changeling Green 123 C Martina Pilcerova 26
Morningtide Gilt-Leaf Archdruid Green 124 R Steve Prescott 4
Morningtide Greatbow Doyen Green 125 R Steven Belledin 7
Morningtide Heritage Druid Green 126 U Larry MacDougall  
Morningtide Hunting Triad Green 127 U Jim Nelson 8
Morningtide Leaf-Crowned Elder Green 128 R Wayne Reynolds  
Morningtide Luminescent Rain Green 129 C John Avon 13
Morningtide Lys Alana Bowmaster Green 130 C Dan Scott 13
Morningtide Orchard Warden Green 131 U Rebecca Guay 5
Morningtide Reach of Branches Green 132 R Scott Hampton 1
Morningtide Recross the Paths Green 133 U Greg Hildebrandt 7
Morningtide Reins of the Vinesteed Green 134 C Jim Pavelec 12
Morningtide Rhys the Exiled Green 135 R Steve Prescott  
Morningtide Scapeshift Green 136 R Fred Fields  
Morningtide Unstoppable Ash Green 137 R Brian Snoddy 2
Morningtide Walker of the Grove Green 138 U Todd Lockwood 6
Morningtide Winnower Patrol Green 139 C Eric Fortune 9
Morningtide Wolf-Skull Shaman Green 140 U Jim Murray 3
Morningtide Cloak and Dagger Artifact 141 U Daren Bader 3
Morningtide Diviner's Wand Artifact 142 U Wayne England 6
Morningtide Door of Destinies Artifact 143 R Larry MacDougall  
Morningtide Obsidian Battle-Axe Artifact 144 U Jeff Easley 13
Morningtide Thornbite Staff Artifact 145 U Jesper Ejsing 7
Morningtide Veteran's Armaments Artifact 146 U Alan Pollack 8
Morningtide Murmuring Bosk Land 147 R John Avon  
Morningtide Mutavault Land 148 R Fred Fields  
Morningtide Primal Beyond Land 149 R Mark Tedin  
Morningtide Rustic Clachan Land 150 R Fred Fields 1
Morningtide Giant Warrior White 151 C Steve Ellis  
Morningtide Faerie Rogue Black 152 C Jim Nelson  
Morningtide Treefolk Shaman Green 153 C Richard Sardinha