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Set Name Card Name Artist Color Rarity Quantity Price
Portal Alabaster Dragon Ted Naifeh White Rare 1 $5.00
Portal Angelic Blessing DiTerlizzi White Common 19 $0.10
Portal Archangel Quinton Hoover White Rare 1 $6.00
Portal Ardent Militia Mike Raabe White Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Armageddon John Avon White Rare 1 $7.00
Portal Armored Pegasus Andrew Robinson White Common 32 $0.10
Portal Blessed Reversal Zina Saunders White Rare 4 $2.00
Portal Blinding Light John Coulthart White Rare 3 $2.00
Portal Border Guard Kev Walker White Common 18 $0.19
Portal Breath of Life DiTerlizzi White Common 2 $0.50
Portal Charging Paladin Kev Walker White Uncommon 5 $0.25
Portal Defiant Stand Hannibal King White Uncommon 26 $0.25
Portal Devoted Hero DiTerlizzi White Common 28 $0.10
Portal False Peace Zina Saunders White Common 13 $0.10
Portal Fleet-Footed Monk D. Alexander Gregory White Common 14 $0.10
Portal Foot Soldiers Kev Walker White Common 17 $0.10
Portal Gift of Estates Kaja Foglio White Rare 2 $6.00
Portal Harsh Justice John Coulthart White Rare 1 $2.00
Portal Keen-Eyed Archers Alan Rabinowitz White Common 14 $0.10
Portal Knight Errant Dan Frazier White Common 21 $0.10
Portal Path of Peace Pete Venters White Common 20 $0.10
Portal Regal Unicorn Zina Saunders White Common 31 $0.10
Portal Renewing Dawn John Avon White Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Sacred Knight Donato Giancola White Common 13 $0.10
Portal Sacred Nectar Janine Johnston White Common 26 $0.10
Portal Seasoned Marshal Zina Saunders White Uncommon 6 $0.49
Portal Spiritual Guardian Terese Nielsen White Rare 1 $3.00
Portal Spotted Griffin William Simpson White Common 20 $0.10
Portal Starlight John Avon White Uncommon 3 $0.25
Portal Starlit Angel Rebecca Guay White Uncommon 4 $0.25
Portal Steadfastness Kev Walker White Common 10 $0.10
Portal Stern Marshal D. Alexander Gregory White Rare 4 $3.00
Portal Temporary Truce Mike Raabe White Rare   $2.00
Portal Valorous Charge Douglas Shuler White Uncommon 7 $0.25
Portal Venerable Monk D. Alexander Gregory White Uncommon 24 $0.25
Portal Vengeance Andrew Robinson White Uncommon 11 $0.25
Portal Wall of Swords Douglas Shuler White Uncommon 2 $0.25
Portal Warrior's Charge Ted Naifeh White Starter 38 $0.25
Portal Wrath of God Mike Raabe White Rare    
Portal Ancestral Memories Dan Frazier Blue Rare 4 $1.00
Portal Balance of Power Adam Rex Blue Rare 4 $0.99
Portal Baleful Stare John Coulthart Blue Uncommon 9 $0.50
Portal Capricious Sorcerer Zina Saunders Blue Rare 1 $1.00
Portal Cloak of Feathers Rebecca Guay Blue Common 28 $0.10
Portal Cloud Dragon John Avon Blue Rare 1 $3.99
Portal Cloud Pirates Phil Foglio Blue Common 6 $0.10
Portal Cloud Spirit DiTerlizzi Blue Uncommon 3 $0.25
Portal Command of Unsummoning Phil Foglio Blue Uncommon 27 $0.25
Portal Coral Eel Una Fricker Blue Common 29 $0.10
Portal Cruel Fate Adrian Smith Blue Rare 1 $2.00
Portal Deep-Sea Serpent Scott M. Fischer Blue Uncommon 7 $0.25
Portal Déjà Vu Hannibal King Blue Common 10 $0.10
Portal Djinn of the Lamp DiTerlizzi Blue Rare 2 $3.00
Portal Exhaustion DiTerlizzi Blue Rare 1 $3.00
Portal Flux Ted Naifeh Blue Uncommon 11 $0.25
Portal Giant Octopus John Matson Blue Common 11 $0.10
Portal Horned Turtle Adrian Smith Blue Common 16 $0.10
Portal Ingenious Thief Dan Frazier Blue Uncommon 27 $0.25
Portal Man-o'-War Una Fricker Blue Uncommon 8 $0.25
Portal Merfolk of the Pearl Trident DiTerlizzi Blue Common 14 $0.10
Portal Mystic Denial Hannibal King Blue Uncommon 12 $0.25
Portal Omen Eric Peterson Blue Common 13 $0.10
Portal Owl Familiar Janine Johnston Blue Common    
Portal Personal Tutor D. Alexander Gregory Blue Uncommon    
Portal Phantom Warrior Dan Frazier Blue Rare 2 $2.00
Portal Prosperity Phil Foglio Blue Rare 1 $2.00
Portal Snapping Drake Christopher Rush Blue Common 39 $0.19
Portal Sorcerous Sight Kaja Foglio Blue Common 10 $0.10
Portal Storm Crow Una Fricker Blue Common 29 $0.10
Portal Symbol of Unsummoning Adam Rex Blue Common 17 $0.10
Portal Taunt Phil Foglio Blue Rare 3 $3.00
Portal Theft of Dreams Adam Rex Blue Uncommon 4 $0.25
Portal Thing from the Deep Paolo Parente Blue Rare 1 $4.00
Portal Tidal Surge Douglas Shuler Blue Common 17 $0.10
Portal Time Ebb Alan Rabinowitz Blue Common 34 $0.10
Portal Touch of Brilliance John Coulthart Blue Common 31 $0.10
Portal Wind Drake Zina Saunders Blue Common 10 $0.10
Portal Withering Gaze Scott M. Fischer Blue Uncommon 7 $0.25
Portal Arrogant Vampire Zina Saunders Black Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Assassin's Blade John Matson Black Uncommon 11 $0.25
Portal Bog Imp Christopher Rush Black Common 10 $0.10
Portal Bog Raiders Steve Luke Black Common 16 $0.10
Portal Bog Wraith Ted Naifeh Black Uncommon 5 $0.25
Portal Charging Bandits Dermot Power Black Uncommon 11 $0.25
Portal Craven Knight Charles Gillespie Black Common 39 $0.10
Portal Cruel Bargain Adrian Smith Black Rare 2 $9.99
Portal Cruel Tutor Kev Walker Black Rare    
Portal Dread Charge Ted Naifeh Black Rare 3 $3.00
Portal Dread Reaper Christopher Rush Black Rare 3 $1.00
Portal Dry Spell Roger Raupp Black Uncommon 9 $0.25
Portal Ebon Dragon Donato Giancola Black Rare 3 $7.00
Portal Endless Cockroaches Ron Spencer Black Rare 1 $0.99
Portal Feral Shadow Colin MacNeil Black Common 40 $0.10
Portal Final Strike John Coulthart Black Rare 7 $1.00
Portal Gravedigger Scott M. Fischer Black Uncommon 36 $0.25
Portal Hand of Death John Coulthart Black Common 38 $0.10
Portal Howling Fury Mike Dringenberg Black Common 15 $0.10
Portal King's Assassin Zina Saunders Black Rare 1 $5.00
Portal Mercenary Knight Adrian Smith Black Rare 1 $8.00
Portal Mind Knives Rebecca Guay Black Common 22 $0.10
Portal Mind Rot Steve Luke Black Common 36 $0.10
Portal Muck Rats Colin MacNeil Black Common 38 $0.10
Portal Nature's Ruin Mike Dringenberg Black Uncommon 2 $3.00
Portal Noxious Toad Adrian Smith Black Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Python Alan Rabinowitz Black Common 10 $0.10
Portal Rain of Tears Eric Peterson Black Uncommon 4 $0.25
Portal Raise Dead Charles Gillespie Black Common 22 $0.10
Portal Serpent Assassin Roger Raupp Black Rare 5 $1.99
Portal Serpent Warrior Roger Raupp Black Common 20 $0.10
Portal Skeletal Crocodile Mike Dringenberg Black Common 29 $0.10
Portal Skeletal Snake John Matson Black Common 8 $0.10
Portal Soul Shred Alan Rabinowitz Black Common 17 $0.10
Portal Undying Beast Steve Luke Black Common 18 $0.10
Portal Vampiric Feast D. Alexander Gregory Black Uncommon 8 $0.25
Portal Vampiric Touch Zina Saunders Black Common 43 $0.19
Portal Virtue's Ruin Mike Dringenberg Black Uncommon 3 $7.00
Portal Wicked Pact Adam Rex Black Rare 2 $1.00
Portal Blaze Gerry Grace Red Uncommon 22 $0.25
Portal Boiling Seas Tom Wånerstrand Red Uncommon 3 $0.25
Portal Burning Cloak Scott M. Fischer Red Common 11 $0.10
Portal Craven Giant Ron Spencer Red Common 11 $0.10
Portal Desert Drake Gerry Grace Red Uncommon 5 $0.25
Portal Devastation Steve Luke Red Rare 0 $0.00
Portal Earthquake Adrian Smith Red Rare 1 $4.00
Portal Fire Dragon William Simpson Red Rare 3 $4.99
Portal Fire Imp DiTerlizzi Red Uncommon 18 $0.25
Portal Fire Snake Steve Luke Red Common 2 $0.19
Portal Fire Tempest Mike Dringenberg Red Rare 2 $3.00
Portal Flashfires Randy Gallegos Red Uncommon 8 $0.25
Portal Forked Lightning Ted Naifeh Red Rare    
Portal Goblin Bully Pete Venters Red Common 7 $0.10
Portal Highland Giant Ron Spencer Red Common 9 $0.10
Portal Hill Giant Randy Gallegos Red Common 34 $0.19
Portal Hulking Cyclops Paolo Parente Red Uncommon 8 $0.25
Portal Hulking Goblin Pete Venters Red Common 34 $0.10
Portal Last Chance Hannibal King Red Rare    
Portal Lava Axe Adrian Smith Red Common 23 $0.10
Portal Lava Flow Mike Dringenberg Red Uncommon 4 $0.25
Portal Lizard Warrior Roger Raupp Red Common 26 $0.10
Portal Minotaur Warrior Scott M. Fischer Red Common 10 $0.10
Portal Mountain Goat Una Fricker Red Uncommon 4 $0.25
Portal Pillaging Horde Kev Walker Red Rare 2 $2.00
Portal Pyroclasm John Matson Red Rare 1 $5.00
Portal Raging Cougar Terese Nielsen Red Common 5 $0.10
Portal Raging Goblin Pete Venters Red Common 2 $0.19
Portal Raging Minotaur Scott M. Fischer Red Common 16 $0.19
Portal Rain of Salt Charles Gillespie Red Uncommon 3 $0.25
Portal Scorching Spear Mike Raabe Red Common 9 $0.10
Portal Scorching Winds D. Alexander Gregory Red Uncommon 10 $0.25
Portal Spitting Earth Hannibal King Red Common 10 $0.10
Portal Stone Rain John Matson Red Common 22 $0.10
Portal Thundermare Bob Eggleton Red Rare 5 $4.00
Portal Volcanic Dragon Tom Wånerstrand Red Rare 1 $1.50
Portal Volcanic Hammer Christopher Rush Red Common 36 $0.19
Portal Wall of Granite Kev Walker Red Uncommon 7 $0.25
Portal Winds of Change Adam Rex Red Rare    
Portal Alluring Scent Ted Naifeh Green Rare 6 $1.00
Portal Anaconda Andrew Robinson Green Uncommon 6 $0.49
Portal Bee Sting Phil Foglio Green Uncommon 8 $0.25
Portal Bull Hippo Roger Raupp Green Uncommon 14 $0.25
Portal Charging Rhino Una Fricker Green Rare 1 $0.99
Portal Deep Wood Paolo Parente Green Uncommon 9 $0.25
Portal Elite Cat Warrior Eric Peterson Green Common 36 $0.10
Portal Elven Cache Rebecca Guay Green Common 11 $0.10
Portal Elvish Ranger DiTerlizzi Green Common 31 $0.10
Portal Fruition Steve Luke Green Common 8 $0.49
Portal Giant Spider Randy Gallegos Green Common 17 $0.10
Portal Gorilla Warrior John Matson Green Common 39 $0.10
Portal Grizzly Bears Zina Saunders Green Common 44 $0.10
Portal Hurricane Andrew Robinson Green Rare 2 $3.00
Portal Jungle Lion Janine Johnston Green Common 2 $0.49
Portal Mobilize Rebecca Guay Green Common 7 $0.25
Portal Monstrous Growth Dan Frazier Green Common 30 $0.10
Portal Moon Sprite Terese Nielsen Green Uncommon 10 $0.25
Portal Natural Order Alan Rabinowitz Green Rare    
Portal Natural Spring Janine Johnston Green Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Nature's Cloak Rebecca Guay Green Rare 2 $1.00
Portal Nature's Lore Terese Nielsen Green Common 3 $1.99
Portal Needle Storm Charles Gillespie Green Uncommon 5 $0.25
Portal Panther Warriors Eric Peterson Green Common 28 $0.10
Portal Plant Elemental Ted Naifeh Green Uncommon 11 $0.25
Portal Primeval Force Randy Gallegos Green Rare 2 $1.00
Portal Redwood Treefolk Steve Luke Green Common 14 $0.10
Portal Rowan Treefolk Gerry Grace Green Common 40 $0.10
Portal Spined Wurm Colin MacNeil Green Common 23 $0.19
Portal Stalking Tiger Colin MacNeil Green Common 15 $0.10
Portal Summer Bloom Kaja Foglio Green Rare    
Portal Sylvan Tutor Kaja Foglio Green Rare    
Portal Thundering Wurm Paolo Parente Green Rare 1 $3.00
Portal Treetop Defense Zina Saunders Green Rare 1 $2.00
Portal Untamed Wilds Romas Green Uncommon 40 $0.49
Portal Whiptail Wurm Una Fricker Green Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Willow Dryad D. Alexander Gregory Green Common 18 $0.10
Portal Winter's Grasp Paolo Parente Green Uncommon 6 $0.25
Portal Wood Elves Rebecca Guay Green Rare    
Portal Forest John Avon Land Starter *  
Portal Island Eric Peterson Land Starter *  
Portal Mountain Brian Durfee Land Starter *  
Portal Plains Douglas Shuler Land Starter *  
Portal Swamp Romas Land Starter *