Merlyn's Theros Magic Card List  

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Set Name Card Name Color # Rarity Artist Qty on Hand                
Theros Battlewise Valor White 1 C Zack Stella 76                
Theros Cavalry Pegasus White 2 C Kev Walker 57                
Theros Celestial Archon White 3 R Matt Stewart 10                
Theros Chained to the Rocks White 4 R Aaron Miller 1                
Theros Chosen by Heliod White 5 C Zack Stella 51                
Theros Dauntless Onslaught White 6 U Peter Mohrbacher 72                
Theros Decorated Griffin White 7 U Phill Simmer 97                
Theros Divine Verdict White 8 C Raymond Swanland 59                
Theros Elspeth, Sun's Champion White 9 M Eric Deschamps                  
Theros Ephara's Warden White 10 C Zack Stella 77                
Theros Evangel of Heliod White 11 U Nils Hamm 62                
Theros Fabled Hero White 12 R Aaron Miller 1                
Theros Favored Hoplite White 13 U Winona Nelson 24                
Theros Gift of Immortality White 14 R Matt Stewart                  
Theros Glare of Heresy White 15 U Raymond Swanland 70                
Theros Gods Willing White 16 C Mark Winters 39                
Theros Heliod, God of the Sun White 17 M Jaime Jones                  
Theros Heliod's Emissary White 18 U Sam Burley 59                
Theros Hopeful Eidolon White 19 C Min Yum 56                
Theros Hundred-Handed One White 20 R Brad Rigney 7                
Theros Lagonna-Band Elder White 21 C Min Yum 70                
Theros Last Breath White 22 C Nils Hamm 62                
Theros Leonin Snarecaster White 23 C Kev Walker 67                
Theros Observant Alseid White 24 C Todd Lockwood 74                
Theros Ordeal of Heliod White 25 U Lucas Graciano 29                
Theros Phalanx Leader White 26 U David Palumbo 38                
Theros Ray of Dissolution White 27 C Terese Nielsen 76                
Theros Scholar of Athreos White 28 C Cynthia Sheppard 61                
Theros Setessan Battle Priest White 29 C Wesley Burt 63                
Theros Setessan Griffin White 30 C Greg Staples 68                
Theros Silent Artisan White 31 C Anthony Palumbo 72                
Theros Soldier of the Pantheon White 32 R Eric Deschamps 9                
Theros Spear of Heliod White 33 R Yeong-Hao Han 2                
Theros Traveling Philosopher White 34 C James Ryman 73                
Theros Vanquish the Foul White 35 U Eric Deschamps 42                
Theros Wingsteed Rider White 36 C Cynthia Sheppard 61                
Theros Yoked Ox White 37 C Ryan Yee 51                
Theros Annul Blue 38 C Christine Choi 59                
Theros Aqueous Form Blue 39 C Slawomir Maniak 50                
Theros Artisan of Forms Blue 40 R Min Yum 8                
Theros Benthic Giant Blue 41 C Jaime Jones 61                
Theros Bident of Thassa Blue 42 R Yeong-Hao Han 2                
Theros Breaching Hippocamp Blue 43 C Christopher Burdett 65                
Theros Coastline Chimera Blue 44 C Dan Scott 61                
Theros Crackling Triton Blue 45 C Greg Staples 68                
Theros Curse of the Swine Blue 46 R James Ryman 5                
Theros Dissolve Blue 47 U Wesley Burt 22                
Theros Fate Foretold Blue 48 C Dan Scott 81                
Theros Gainsay Blue 49 U Clint Cearley 62                
Theros Griptide Blue 50 C Adam Paquette 57                
Theros Horizon Scholar Blue 51 U Karl Kopinski 75                
Theros Lost in a Labyrinth Blue 52 C Winona Nelson 67                
Theros Master of Waves Blue 53 M Karl Kopinski 3                
Theros Meletis Charlatan Blue 54 R Jason A. Engle 6                
Theros Mnemonic Wall Blue 55 C Trevor Claxton 57                
Theros Nimbus Naiad Blue 56 C David Palumbo 76                
Theros Omenspeaker Blue 57 C Dallas Williams 52                
Theros Ordeal of Thassa Blue 58 U Howard Lyon 51                
Theros Prescient Chimera Blue 59 C Daarken 59                
Theros Prognostic Sphinx Blue 60 R Steve Prescott 8                
Theros Sea God's Revenge Blue 61 U Eric Velhagen 74                
Theros Sealock Monster Blue 62 U Adam Paquette 79                
Theros Shipbreaker Kraken Blue 63 R Jack Wang 5                
Theros Stymied Hopes Blue 64 C Peter Mohrbacher 68                
Theros Swan Song Blue 65 R Peter Mohrbacher 5                
Theros Thassa, God of the Sea Blue 66 M Jason Chan                  
Theros Thassa's Bounty Blue 67 C Ryan Yee 73                
Theros Thassa's Emissary Blue 68 U Sam Burley 67                
Theros Triton Fortune Hunter Blue 69 U Clint Cearley 75                
Theros Triton Shorethief Blue 70 C Howard Lyon 61                
Theros Triton Tactics Blue 71 U Jack Wang 63                
Theros Vaporkin Blue 72 C Seb McKinnon 63                
Theros Voyage's End Blue 73 C Chris Rahn 59                
Theros Wavecrash Triton Blue 74 C Ryan Barger 62                
Theros Abhorrent Overlord Black 75 R Slawomir Maniak 5                
Theros Agent of the Fates Black 76 R Matt Stewart 1                
Theros Asphodel Wanderer Black 77 C Scott Chou 67                
Theros Baleful Eidolon Black 78 C Min Yum 56                
Theros Blood-Toll Harpy Black 79 C Kev Walker 64                
Theros Boon of Erebos Black 80 C James Ryman 53                
Theros Cavern Lampad Black 81 C Volkan Baga 67                
Theros Cutthroat Maneuver Black 82 U Brad Rigney 71                
Theros Dark Betrayal Black 83 U Nils Hamm 43                
Theros Disciple of Phenax Black 84 C John Severin Brassell 64                
Theros Erebos, God of the Dead Black 85 M Peter Mohrbacher                  
Theros Erebos's Emissary Black 86 U Sam Burley 55                
Theros Felhide Minotaur Black 87 C Kev Walker 55                
Theros Fleshmad Steed Black 88 C Robbie Trevino 53                
Theros Gray Merchant of Asphodel Black 89 C Robbie Trevino 20                
Theros Hero's Downfall Black 90 R Ryan Pancoast 1                
Theros Hythonia the Cruel Black 91 M Chris Rahn                  
Theros Insatiable Harpy Black 92 U Matt Stewart 70                
Theros Keepsake Gorgon Black 93 U Aaron Miller 58                
Theros Lash of the Whip Black 94 C Dan Scott 71                
Theros Loathsome Catoblepas Black 95 C Christopher Burdett 68                
Theros March of the Returned Black 96 C Mark Zug 74                
Theros Mogis's Marauder Black 97 U Chase Stone 42                
Theros Nighthowler Black 98 R Nils Hamm 4                
Theros Ordeal of Erebos Black 99 U Tyler Jacobson 61                
Theros Pharika's Cure Black 100 C Igor Kieryluk 50                
Theros Read the Bones Black 101 C Lars Grant-West 50                
Theros Rescue from the Underworld Black 102 U Raymond Swanland 77                
Theros Returned Centaur Black 103 C Lucas Graciano 61                
Theros Returned Phalanx Black 104 C Seb McKinnon 67                
Theros Scourgemark Black 105 C Franz Vohwinkel 64                
Theros Sip of Hemlock Black 106 C Nils Hamm 59                
Theros Thoughtseize Black 107 R Lucas Graciano                  
Theros Tormented Hero Black 108 U Winona Nelson 28                
Theros Viper's Kiss Black 109 C Svetlin Velinov 71                
Theros Whip of Erebos Black 110 R Yeong-Hao Han                  
Theros Akroan Crusader Red 111 C Johann Bodin 44                
Theros Anger of the Gods Red 112 R Noah Bradley 4                
Theros Arena Athlete Red 113 U Jason Chan 46                
Theros Borderland Minotaur Red 114 C Greg Staples 58                
Theros Boulderfall Red 115 C Ralph Horsley 71                
Theros Coordinated Assault Red 116 U John Severin Brassell 48                
Theros Deathbellow Raider Red 117 C Wayne Reynolds 52                
Theros Demolish Red 118 C Volkan Baga 75                
Theros Dragon Mantle Red 119 C Anthony Palumbo 40                
Theros Ember Swallower Red 120 R Slawomir Maniak 12                
Theros Fanatic of Mogis Red 121 U Matt Stewart 59                
Theros Firedrinker Satyr Red 122 R Anthony Palumbo 3                
Theros Flamespeaker Adept Red 123 U Lucas Graciano 100                
Theros Hammer of Purphoros Red 124 R Yeong-Hao Han 10                
Theros Ill-Tempered Cyclops Red 125 C Peter Mohrbacher 75                
Theros Labyrinth Champion Red 126 R Chase Stone 15                
Theros Lightning Strike Red 127 C Adam Paquette 12                
Theros Magma Jet Red 128 U Maciej Kuciara 15                
Theros Messenger's Speed Red 129 C Clint Cearley 58                
Theros Minotaur Skullcleaver Red 130 C Phill Simmer 38                
Theros Ordeal of Purphoros Red 131 U Maciej Kuciara 62                
Theros Peak Eruption Red 132 U Adam Paquette 72                
Theros Portent of Betrayal Red 133 C Daarken 72                
Theros Priest of Iroas Red 134 C Clint Cearley 64                
Theros Purphoros, God of the Forge Red 135 M Eric Deschamps                  
Theros Purphoros's Emissary Red 136 U Sam Burley 66                
Theros Rage of Purphoros Red 137 C Mathias Kollros 73                
Theros Rageblood Shaman Red 138 R Mike Bierek 1                
Theros Satyr Rambler Red 139 C John Stanko 57                
Theros Spark Jolt Red 140 C Mike Bierek 58                
Theros Spearpoint Oread Red 141 C Todd Lockwood 70                
Theros Stoneshock Giant Red 142 U Lars Grant-West 78                
Theros Stormbreath Dragon Red 143 M Slawomir Maniak 1                
Theros Titan of Eternal Fire Red 144 R Aleksi Briclot 17                
Theros Titan's Strength Red 145 C Karl Kopinski 26                
Theros Two-Headed Cerberus Red 146 C Karl Kopinski 66                
Theros Wild Celebrants Red 147 C Igor Kieryluk 67                
Theros Agent of Horizons Green 148 C Clint Cearley 60                
Theros Anthousa, Setessan Hero Green 149 R Howard Lyon 7                
Theros Arbor Colossus Green 150 R Jaime Jones 5                
Theros Artisan's Sorrow Green 151 U Jung Park 51                
Theros Boon Satyr Green 152 R Wesley Burt 4                
Theros Bow of Nylea Green 153 R Yeong-Hao Han 4                
Theros Centaur Battlemaster Green 154 U Kev Walker 70                
Theros Commune with the Gods Green 155 C Aleksi Briclot 58                
Theros Defend the Hearth Green 156 C Raymond Swanland 67                
Theros Fade into Antiquity Green 157 C Noah Bradley 54                
Theros Feral Invocation Green 158 C Mathias Kollros 71                
Theros Hunt the Hunter Green 159 U Ryan Barger 59                
Theros Karametra's Acolyte Green 160 U Chase Stone 52                
Theros Leafcrown Dryad Green 161 C Volkan Baga 55                
Theros Mistcutter Hydra Green 162 R Ryan Pancoast 4                
Theros Nemesis of Mortals Green 163 U Mathias Kollros 55                
Theros Nessian Asp Green 164 C Alex Horley-Orlandelli 52                
Theros Nessian Courser Green 165 C Steve Prescott 50                
Theros Nylea, God of the Hunt Green 166 M Chris Rahn                  
Theros Nylea's Disciple Green 167 C Trevor Claxton 50                
Theros Nylea's Emissary Green 168 U Sam Burley 53                
Theros Nylea's Presence Green 169 C Ralph Horsley 52                
Theros Ordeal of Nylea Green 170 U David Palumbo 66                
Theros Pheres-Band Centaurs Green 171 C Mark Winters 52                
Theros Polukranos, World Eater Green 172 M Johann Bodin 2                
Theros Reverent Hunter Green 173 R Wesley Burt 12                
Theros Satyr Hedonist Green 174 C Chase Stone 56                
Theros Satyr Piper Green 175 U Christopher Moeller 68                
Theros Savage Surge Green 176 C Jasper Sandner 55                
Theros Sedge Scorpion Green 177 C John Stanko 51                
Theros Shredding Winds Green 178 C Christopher Moeller 54                
Theros Staunch-Hearted Warrior Green 179 C Greg Staples 59                
Theros Sylvan Caryatid Green 180 R Chase Stone                  
Theros Time to Feed Green 181 C Wayne Reynolds 51                
Theros Voyaging Satyr Green 182 C Tyler Jacobson 51                
Theros Vulpine Goliath Green 183 C Adam Paquette 59                
Theros Warriors' Lesson Green 184 U Steve Prescott 52                
Theros Akroan Hoplite White/Red 185 U Igor Kieryluk 56                
Theros Anax and Cymede White/Red 186 R Willian Murai 5                
Theros Ashen Rider White/Black 187 M Chris Rahn 2                
Theros Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver Blue/Black 188 M Karla Ortiz                  
Theros Battlewise Hoplite White/Blue 189 U Willian Murai 50                
Theros Chronicler of Heroes White/Green 190 U John Stanko 70                
Theros Daxos of Meletis White/Blue 191 R Karla Ortiz 4                
Theros Destructive Revelry Red/Green 192 U Kev Walker 20                
Theros Fleecemane Lion White/Green 193 R Slawomir Maniak 3                
Theros Horizon Chimera Blue/Green 194 U Sam Burley 72                
Theros Kragma Warcaller Black/Red 195 U Gabor Szikszai 58                
Theros Medomai the Ageless White/Blue 196 M David Palumbo                  
Theros Pharika's Mender Black/Green 197 U Peter Mohrbacher 79                
Theros Polis Crusher Red/Green 198 R Chase Stone 12                
Theros Prophet of Kruphix Blue/Green 199 R Winona Nelson 6                
Theros Psychic Intrusion Blue/Black 200 R Jaime Jones 17                
Theros Reaper of the Wilds Black/Green 201 R Karl Kopinski 5                
Theros Sentry of the Underworld White/Black 202 U Dave Kendall 78                
Theros Shipwreck Singer Blue/Black 203 U Daarken 62                
Theros Spellheart Chimera Blue/Red 204 U Svetlin Velinov 51                
Theros Steam Augury Blue/Red 205 R Dave Kendall 10                
Theros Triad of Fates White/Black 206 R Daarken 10                
Theros Tymaret, the Murder King Black/Red 207 R Volkan Baga 5                
Theros Underworld Cerberus Black/Red 208 M Svetlin Velinov 3                
Theros Xenagos, the Reveler Red/Green 209 M Jason Chan                  
Theros Akroan Horse Artifact 210 R Seb McKinnon 4                
Theros Anvilwrought Raptor Artifact 211 U James Zapata 90                
Theros Bronze Sable Artifact 212 C Jasper Sandner 61                
Theros Burnished Hart Artifact 213 U Yeong-Hao Han 31                
Theros Colossus of Akros Artifact 214 R Zack Stella 5                
Theros Flamecast Wheel Artifact 215 U Jasper Sandner 69                
Theros Fleetfeather Sandals Artifact 216 C Steve Prescott 55                
Theros Guardians of Meletis Artifact 217 C Magali Villeneuve 69                
Theros Opaline Unicorn Artifact 218 C Christine Choi 55                
Theros Prowler's Helm Artifact 219 U Igor Kieryluk 61                
Theros Pyxis of Pandemonium Artifact 220 R David Palumbo 6                
Theros Traveler's Amulet Artifact 221 C Franz Vohwinkel 71                
Theros Witches' Eye Artifact 222 U Daniel Ljunggren 88                
Theros Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Land 223 R Jung Park                  
Theros Temple of Abandon Land 224 R Mike Bierek                  
Theros Temple of Deceit Land 225 R Raymond Swanland 1                
Theros Temple of Mystery Land 226 R Noah Bradley                  
Theros Temple of Silence Land 227 R Karl Kopinski                  
Theros Temple of Triumph Land 228 R Jason Felix                  
Theros Unknown Shores Land 229 C Seb McKinnon 21                
Theros Plains Land 230 L Rob Alexander                  
Theros Plains Land 231 L Steven Belledin                  
Theros Plains Land 232 L Adam Paquette                  
Theros Plains Land 233 L Raoul Vitale                  
Theros Island Land 234 L Rob Alexander                  
Theros Island Land 235 L Steven Belledin                  
Theros Island Land 236 L Adam Paquette                  
Theros Island Land 237 L Raoul Vitale                  
Theros Swamp Land 238 L Rob Alexander                  
Theros Swamp Land 239 L Steven Belledin                  
Theros Swamp Land 240 L Adam Paquette                  
Theros Swamp Land 241 L Raoul Vitale                  
Theros Mountain Land 242 L Rob Alexander                  
Theros Mountain Land 243 L Steven Belledin                  
Theros Mountain Land 244 L Adam Paquette                  
Theros Mountain Land 245 L Raoul Vitale                  
Theros Forest Land 246 L Rob Alexander                  
Theros Forest Land 247 L Steven Belledin                  
Theros Forest Land 248 L Adam Paquette                  
Theros Forest Land 249 L Raoul Vitale                  
Theros Soldier Token-White 250 C   45                
Theros Bird Token-Blue 251 C   6                
Theros Elemental Token-Blue 252 C   39                
Theros Harpy Token-Black 253 C   28                
Theros Soldier Token-Red 254 C   85                
Theros Boar Token-Green 255 C   30                
Theros Golem Token-Artifact 256 C   14
  Elspeth Emblem Token-Emblem       1