Merlyn's Torment Magic Card List  

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Set Name Card Name Artist Color # Rarity Stock  
Torment Angel of Retribution rk post White 1 R 12  
Torment Aven Trooper Greg Staples White 2 C 50  
Torment Cleansing Meditation Ron Spears White 3 U    
Torment Equal Treatment Greg & Tim Hildebrandt White 4 U 25  
Torment Floating Shield Keith Garletts White 5 C 55  
Torment Frantic Purification Mark Brill White 6 C 64  
Torment Hypochondria Christopher Moeller White 7 U 26  
Torment Major Teroh Daren Bader White 8 R 10  
Torment Militant Monk Mark Brill White 9 C 75  
Torment Morningtide Tony Szczudlo White 10 R 11  
Torment Mystic Familiar Edward P. Beard, Jr. White 11 C 63  
Torment Pay No Heed Adam Rex White 12 C 53  
Torment Possessed Nomad Eric Peterson White 13 R 4  
Torment Reborn Hero Gary Ruddell White 14 R 6  
Torment Spirit Flare rk post White 15 C 57  
Torment Stern Judge Matt Cavotta White 16 U 30  
Torment Strength of Isolation Jerry Tiritilli White 17 U 36  
Torment Teroh's Faithful Greg & Tim Hildebrandt White 18 C 50  
Torment Teroh's Vanguard Greg & Tim Hildebrandt White 19 U 29  
Torment Transcendence Rebecca Guay White 20 R 2  
Torment Vengeful Dreams Mark Tedin White 21 R 4  
Torment Alter Reality Justin Sweet Blue 22 R 2  
Torment Ambassador Laquatus Eric Peterson Blue 23 R    
Torment Aquamoeba Arnie Swekel Blue 24 C 55  
Torment Balshan Collaborator DiTerlizzi Blue 25 U 27  
Torment Breakthrough Gary Ruddell Blue 26 U 5  
Torment Cephalid Aristocrat Rob Alexander Blue 27 C 64  
Torment Cephalid Illusionist Pete Venters Blue 28 U 1  
Torment Cephalid Sage Keith Garletts Blue 29 U 21  
Torment Cephalid Snitch Jerry Tiritilli Blue 30 C 55  
Torment Cephalid Vandal Alex Horley Blue 31 R 11  
Torment Churning Eddy Thomas M. Baxa Blue 32 C 59  
Torment Circular Logic Anthony S. Waters Blue 33 U 2  
Torment Compulsion Christopher Moeller Blue 34 U 25  
Torment Coral Net Roger Raupp Blue 35 C 60  
Torment Deep Analysis Daren Bader Blue 36 C 1  
Torment False Memories Ron Spencer Blue 37 R 12  
Torment Ghostly Wings David Martin Blue 38 C 56  
Torment Hydromorph Guardian Glen Angus Blue 39 C 57  
Torment Hydromorph Gull Arnie Swekel Blue 40 U 21  
Torment Liquify Ron Spencer Blue 41 C 54  
Torment Llawan, Cephalid Empress Mark Zug Blue 42 R    
Torment Obsessive Search Jim Nelson Blue 43 C 53  
Torment Plagiarize Ben Thompson Blue 44 R 8  
Torment Possessed Aven Scott M. Fischer Blue 45 R 8  
Torment Retraced Image Greg Staples Blue 46 R 5  
Torment Skywing Aven Matt Cavotta Blue 47 C 63  
Torment Stupefying Touch Bradley Williams Blue 48 U 21  
Torment Turbulent Dreams Wayne England Blue 49 R 7  
Torment Boneshard Slasher Ron Spencer Black 50 U 36  
Torment Cabal Ritual Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Black 51 C    
Torment Cabal Surgeon Donato Giancola Black 52 C 60  
Torment Cabal Torturer Pete Venters Black 53 C 49  
Torment Carrion Rats Edward P. Beard, Jr. Black 54 C 64  
Torment Carrion Wurm Glen Angus Black 55 U 13  
Torment Chainer's Edict Ben Thompson Black 56 U    
Torment Chainer, Dementia Master Mark Zug Black 57 R 6  
Torment Crippling Fatigue Heather Hudson Black 58 C 49  
Torment Dawn of the Dead Pete Venters Black 59 R 3  
Torment Faceless Butcher Daren Bader Black 60 C 47  
Torment Gloomdrifter Adam Rex Black 61 U 24  
Torment Gravegouger Daren Bader Black 62 C 57  
Torment Grotesque Hybrid Terese Nielsen Black 63 U 23  
Torment Hypnox Greg Staples Black 64 R 6  
Torment Ichorid rk post Black 65 R    
Torment Insidious Dreams John Avon Black 66 R 1  
Torment Laquatus's Champion Greg Staples Black 67 R 10  
Torment Last Laugh John Matson Black 68 R 3  
Torment Mesmeric Fiend Dana Knutson Black 69 C 36  
Torment Mind Sludge Eric Peterson Black 70 U 13  
Torment Mortal Combat Mike Ploog Black 71 R 2  
Torment Mortiphobia Christopher Moeller Black 72 U 17  
Torment Mutilate Eric Peterson Black 73 R 1  
Torment Organ Grinder Adam Rex Black 74 C 68  
Torment Psychotic Haze Alex Horley Black 75 C 46  
Torment Putrid Imp Wayne England Black 76 C    
Torment Rancid Earth Ciruelo Black 77 C 26  
Torment Restless Dreams John Matson Black 78 C 50  
Torment Sengir Vampire Kev Walker Black 79 R 5  
Torment Shade's Form Clyde Caldwell Black 80 C 48  
Torment Shambling Swarm Arnie Swekel Black 81 R 4  
Torment Sickening Dreams Scott M. Fischer Black 82 U    
Torment Slithery Stalker John Avon Black 83 U 22  
Torment Soul Scourge Carl Critchlow Black 84 C 56  
Torment Strength of Lunacy Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Black 85 U 31  
Torment Unhinge Keith Garletts Black 86 C 58  
Torment Waste Away Alan Pollack Black 87 C 64  
Torment Zombie Trailblazer Brian Snoddy Black 88 U 5  
Torment Accelerate Gary Ruddell Red 89 C 38  
Torment Balthor the Stout Ron Spears Red 90 R 4  
Torment Barbarian Outcast Mark Tedin Red 91 C 48  
Torment Crackling Club Mike Ploog Red 92 C 61  
Torment Crazed Firecat Ron Spears Red 93 U 21  
Torment Devastating Dreams Tony Szczudlo Red 94 R 1  
Torment Enslaved Dwarf Terese Nielsen Red 95 C 49  
Torment Fiery Temper Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Red 96 C 4  
Torment Flaming Gambit Donato Giancola Red 97 U 23  
Torment Flash of Defiance Carl Critchlow Red 98 C 51  
Torment Grim Lavamancer Jim Nelson Red 99 R    
Torment Hell-Bent Raider Mike Ploog Red 100 R 9  
Torment Kamahl's Sledge Don Hazeltine Red 101 C 40  
Torment Longhorn Firebeast Glen Angus Red 102 C 47  
Torment Overmaster Anthony S. Waters Red 103 R    
Torment Pardic Arsonist rk post Red 104 U 20  
Torment Pardic Collaborator Pete Venters Red 105 U 27  
Torment Pardic Lancer Justin Sweet Red 106 C 43  
Torment Petradon Jim Nelson Red 107 R 9  
Torment Petravark Wayne England Red 108 C 49  
Torment Pitchstone Wall David Martin Red 109 U 14  
Torment Possessed Barbarian Scott M. Fischer Red 110 R 7  
Torment Pyromania Christopher Moeller Red 111 U 30  
Torment Radiate Carl Critchlow Red 112 R 10  
Torment Skullscorch Bradley Williams Red 113 R 4  
Torment Sonic Seizure Terese Nielsen Red 114 C 44  
Torment Temporary Insanity Mark Romanoski Red 115 U 21  
Torment Violent Eruption Bob Petillo Red 116 U 18  
Torment Acorn Harvest Edward P. Beard, Jr. Green 117 C 12  
Torment Anurid Scavenger Bob Petillo Green 118 U 33  
Torment Arrogant Wurm John Avon Green 119 U 18  
Torment Basking Rootwalla Heather Hudson Green 120 C 30  
Torment Centaur Chieftain Justin Sweet Green 121 U 13  
Torment Centaur Veteran Mark Zug Green 122 C 71  
Torment Dwell on the Past Rebecca Guay Green 123 U 30  
Torment Far Wanderings Darrell Riche Green 124 C 51  
Torment Gurzigost Scott M. Fischer Green 125 R 7  
Torment Insist Franz Vohwinkel Green 126 R 8  
Torment Invigorating Falls Rebecca Guay Green 127 C 59  
Torment Krosan Constrictor Jim Nelson Green 128 C 58  
Torment Krosan Restorer Clyde Caldwell Green 129 C 50  
Torment Nantuko Blightcutter Matt Cavotta Green 130 R 23  
Torment Nantuko Calmer Mark Romanoski Green 131 C 50  
Torment Nantuko Cultivator Darrell Riche Green 132 R 15  
Torment Narcissism Christopher Moeller Green 133 U 25  
Torment Nostalgic Dreams Darrell Riche Green 134 R 4  
Torment Parallel Evolution Matt Cavotta Green 135 R    
Torment Possessed Centaur Alex Horley Green 136 R 3  
Torment Seton's Scout Mark Romanoski Green 137 U 20  
Torment Cabal Coffers Don Hazeltine Land 138 U    
Torment Tainted Field Don Hazeltine Land 139 U 1  
Torment Tainted Isle Alan Pollack Land 140 U 1  
Torment Tainted Peak Tony Szczudlo Land 141 U 7  
Torment Tainted Wood Rob Alexander Land 142 U 2