Merlyn's Unhinged Magic Card List  

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Set Card Name Artist Color Rarity Quantity Price
Unhinged Atinlay Igpay Evkay Alkerway W U    
Unhinged AWOL Stephen Tappin W C    
Unhinged Bosom Buddy Dan Scott W U    
Unhinged Cardpecker Richard Sardinha W C    
Unhinged Cheap Ass Randy Gallegos W C    
Unhinged Circle of Protection: Art Jim "Stop the Da Vinci Beatdown" Pavelec W C    
Unhinged Collector Protector Christopher Rush W R    
Unhinged Drawn Together Pete "Fear Me" Venters W R    
Unhinged Emcee Quinton Hoover W U    
Unhinged Erase (Not the Urza's Legacy One) Pete "Yes the Urza's Legacy One" Venters W C    
Unhinged Fascist Art Director Edward P. "Feed Me" Beard, Jr. W C    
Unhinged First Come, First Served Thomas Gianni W U    
Unhinged Frankie Peanuts Thomas M. Baxa W R    
Unhinged Head to Head Thomas Gianni W U    
Unhinged Ladies' Knight rk post W U    
Unhinged Little Girl Rebecca Guay-Mitchell W C
Unhinged Look at Me, I'm R&D   W R
Unhinged Man of Measure Edward P. Beard, Jr. W C
Unhinged Save Life Ray Lago W U
Unhinged Standing Army Randy Gallegos W C
Unhinged Staying Power Richard Sardinha W R
Unhinged Wordmail Ron Spencer W C
Unhinged _____ Ron Spears U U
Unhinged Ambiguity Stephen Daniele U R
Unhinged Artful Looter Heather "Erica Gassalasca-Jape" Hudson U C
Unhinged Avatar of Me Greg Hildebrandt U R
Unhinged Brushstroke Paintermage Ron "Don't You Dare Change Me" Spears U C
Unhinged Bursting Beebles David "Beeblemania" Martin U C
Unhinged Carnivorous Death-Parrot Tim Hildebrandt U C
Unhinged Cheatyface Doug Chaffee U U
Unhinged Double Header Richard Sardinha U C
Unhinged Flaccify Tim Hildebrandt U C
Unhinged Framed! Alan "Don't Feel Like You Have to Pick Me" Pollack U C
Unhinged Greater Morphling Greg "Six-Pack" Staples U R
Unhinged Johnny, Combo Player Kensuke Okabayashi U R
Unhinged Loose Lips John Matson U C
Unhinged Magical Hacker Doug Chaffee U U
Unhinged Mise Matt Cavotta U U
Unhinged Moniker Mage Keith Garletts U C
Unhinged Mouth to Mouth Alan Pollack U U
Unhinged Now I Know My ABC's Tony Szczudlo U R
Unhinged Number Crunch Stephen Daniele U C
Unhinged Question Elemental? Edward P. Beard, Jr. U U
Unhinged Richard Garfield, Ph.D. Dave Dorman U R
Unhinged Smart Ass Trevor Hairsine U C
Unhinged Spell Counter Doug Chaffee U U
Unhinged Topsy Turvy Jeff Miracola U R
Unhinged Aesthetic Consultation David "Help Me" Martin B R
Unhinged Bad Ass Thomas M. Baxa B C
Unhinged Bloodletter Daren Bader B C
Unhinged Booster Tutor Christopher Rush B U
Unhinged Duh Dave Dorman B C
Unhinged Enter the Dungeon Luca Zontini B R
Unhinged Eye to Eye Michael Sutfin B U
Unhinged The Fallen Apart Corey D. Macourek B C
Unhinged Farewell to Arms Ron Lemen B C
Unhinged Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil Ron Spencer B R
Unhinged Kill! Destroy! Corey D. Macourek B U
Unhinged Mother of Goons Darrell Riche B C
Unhinged Necro-Impotence Mark Tedin B R
Unhinged Persecute Artist Rebecca "Don't Mess with Me" Guay B U
Unhinged Phyrexian Librarian Kev Walker B U
Unhinged Stop That Anson Maddocks B C
Unhinged Tainted Monkey Mark Zug B C
Unhinged Vile Bile Tony Szczudlo B C
Unhinged Wet Willie of the Damned Greg Staples B C
Unhinged When Fluffy Bunnies Attack Ray Lago B C
Unhinged Working Stiff Darrell Riche B U
Unhinged Zombie Fanboy Matt "I'm Your Boy" Cavotta B U
Unhinged Zzzyxas's Abyss Pete Venters B R
Unhinged Assquatch Jeremy Jarvis R R
Unhinged Blast from the Past Douglas Schuler R R
Unhinged Curse of the Fire Penguin Matt Thompson R R
Unhinged Deal Damage Scott M. Fischer R U
Unhinged Dumb Ass Bradley Williams R C
Unhinged Face to Face Randy Gallegos R U
Unhinged Frazzled Editor Jim Pavelec R C
Unhinged Goblin Mime Franz Vohwinkel R C
Unhinged Goblin Secret Agent Tony Szczudlo R C
Unhinged Goblin S.W.A.T. Team Eric Deschamps R C
Unhinged Mana Flair Paolo "That's Actually Me" Parente R C
Unhinged Mons's Goblin Waiters Pete Venters R C
Unhinged Orcish Paratroopers Matt Thompson R C
Unhinged Punctuate Jim Pavelec R C
Unhinged Pygmy Giant Eric Deschamps R U
Unhinged Red-Hot Hottie Jeremy Jarvis R C
Unhinged Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug Franz Vohwinkel R U
Unhinged Sauté Jeff Miracola R C
Unhinged Six-y Beast Anson Maddocks R U
Unhinged Touch and Go Ben Thompson R C
Unhinged Yet Another Ćther Vortex David Day R R
Unhinged B-I-N-G-O Ron Spencer G R
Unhinged Creature Guy Jeff Easley G U
Unhinged Elvish House Party Thomas Manning G U
Unhinged Fat Ass Jeremy Jarvis G C
Unhinged Form of the Squirrel Carl Critchlow G R    
Unhinged Fraction Jackson Mark Poole G R    
Unhinged Gluetius Maximus Jeff Easley G U    
Unhinged Granny's Payback Joel Thomas G U    
Unhinged Graphic Violence Wayne "King of" England G C    
Unhinged Keeper of the Sacred Word Dany Orizio G C    
Unhinged Land Aid '04 Jim Nelson G C    
Unhinged Laughing Hyena Mark Poole G C    
Unhinged Monkey Monkey Monkey Liz Danforth G C    
Unhinged Name Dropping Tony Szczudlo G U    
Unhinged Old Fogey Douglas Schuler G R    
Unhinged Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made This Card to Have the Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental Greg Hildebrandt G C    
Unhinged Remodel Lars Grant-"Wild Wild"-West G C    
Unhinged Shoe Tree Francis Tsai G C    
Unhinged Side to Side Jim Nelson G U
Unhinged S.N.O.T. Cyril Van Der Haegen G C
Unhinged Stone-Cold Basilisk Don Hazeltine G U
Unhinged Supersize DiTerlizzi G C
Unhinged Symbol Status Liz Danforth G U
Unhinged Uktabi Kong Una Fricker G R
Unhinged "Ach! Hans, Run!" Quinton Hoover Z R
Unhinged Ass Whuppin' Don Hazeltine Z R
Unhinged Meddling Kids Christopher Moeller Z R
Unhinged Rare-B-Gone John Matson Z R
Unhinged Who/What/When/Where/Why Dan Frazier Z R
Unhinged Gleemax Richard Thomas A R
Unhinged Letter Bomb Daniel Gelon A R
Unhinged Mana Screw Mike Raabe A U
Unhinged Mox Lotus Kevin Dobler A R
Unhinged My First Tome Heather Hudson A U
Unhinged Pointy Finger of Doom Martina Pilcerova A R
Unhinged Rod of Spanking Mark Brill A U
Unhinged Time Machine John Avon A R
Unhinged Togglodyte Dan Frazier A U
Unhinged Toy Boat Lars Grant-West A U
Unhinged Urza's Hot Tub Stephen Tappin A U
Unhinged Water Gun Balloon Game Mark Brill A R
Unhinged World-Bottling Kit Alan Rabinowitz A R
Unhinged City of Ass John Avon L R
Unhinged R&D's Secret Lair John Avon L R
Unhinged Plains John Avon L L
Unhinged Island John Avon L L
Unhinged Swamp John Avon L L
Unhinged Mountain John Avon L L
Unhinged Forest John Avon L L