Merlyn's Worldwake Magic Card List  

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Set Name Card Name Color # Rarity Artist Qty on Hand  
Worldwake Admonition Angel White 1 M Steve Argyle    
Worldwake Apex Hawks White 2 C David Palumbo 26  
Worldwake Archon of Redemption White 3 R Steven Belledin 3  
Worldwake Battle Hurda White 4 C Christopher Moeller 28  
Worldwake Fledgling Griffin White 5 C Christopher Moeller 25  
Worldwake Guardian Zendikon White 6 C John Avon 9  
Worldwake Hada Freeblade White 7 U Cyril Van Der Haegen 3  
Worldwake Iona's Judgment White 8 C Mike Bierek 21  
Worldwake Join the Ranks White 9 C Kekai Kotaki 21  
Worldwake Kitesail Apprentice White 10 C Austin Hsu 29  
Worldwake Kor Firewalker White 11 U Matt Stewart 1  
Worldwake Lightkeeper of Emeria White 12 U James Ryman 5  
Worldwake Loam Lion White 13 U Daniel Ljunggren 3  
Worldwake Marsh Threader White 14 C David Palumbo 30  
Worldwake Marshal's Anthem White 15 R Matt Stewart 5  
Worldwake Perimeter Captain White 16 U Steven Belledin 5
Worldwake Refraction Trap White 17 U Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 8
Worldwake Rest for the Weary White 18 C James Paick 5
Worldwake Ruin Ghost White 19 U Jason A. Engle 11
Worldwake Stoneforge Mystic White 20 R Mike Bierek  
Worldwake Talus Paladin White 21 R Svetlin Velinov  
Worldwake Terra Eternal White 22 R Daniel Ljunggren 4
Worldwake Veteran's Reflexes White 23 C Scott Chou 20
Worldwake Æther Tradewinds Blue 24 C Kieran Yanner 33
Worldwake Calcite Snapper Blue 25 C David Palumbo 26
Worldwake Dispel Blue 26 C Vance Kovacs 12
Worldwake Enclave Elite Blue 27 C Igor Kieryluk 34
Worldwake Goliath Sphinx Blue 28 R Greg Staples 7
Worldwake Halimar Excavator Blue 29 C Kev Walker 8
Worldwake Horizon Drake Blue 30 U Adi Granov 5
Worldwake Jace, the Mind Sculptor Blue 31 M Jason Chan  
Worldwake Jwari Shapeshifter Blue 32 R Kev Walker 2
Worldwake Mysteries of the Deep Blue 33 C Véronique Meignaud 18
Worldwake Permafrost Trap Blue 34 U Howard Lyon 10
Worldwake Quest for Ula's Temple Blue 35 R Rob Alexander 3
Worldwake Sejiri Merfolk Blue 36 U Anthony Francisco 14
Worldwake Selective Memory Blue 37 R Chippy 5
Worldwake Spell Contortion Blue 38 U Wayne Reynolds 10
Worldwake Surrakar Banisher Blue 39 C Matt Cavotta 36
Worldwake Thada Adel, Acquisitor Blue 40 R Andrew Robinson 1
Worldwake Tideforce Elemental Blue 41 U Donato Giancola 6
Worldwake Treasure Hunt Blue 42 C Daren Bader 6
Worldwake Twitch Blue 43 C Scott Chou 33
Worldwake Vapor Snare Blue 44 U Trevor Claxton 11
Worldwake Voyager Drake Blue 45 U Kieran Yanner 5
Worldwake Wind Zendikon Blue 46 C Vincent Proce 26
Worldwake Abyssal Persecutor Black 47 M Chippy  
Worldwake Agadeem Occultist Black 48 R Vance Kovacs 1
Worldwake Anowon, the Ruin Sage Black 49 R Dan Scott 2
Worldwake Bloodhusk Ritualist Black 50 U Daarken 11
Worldwake Bojuka Brigand Black 51 C Johann Bodin 30
Worldwake Brink of Disaster Black 52 C Alex Horley-Orlandelli 35
Worldwake Butcher of Malakir Black 53 R Jason Chan 1
Worldwake Caustic Crawler Black 54 U Raymond Swanland 18
Worldwake Corrupted Zendikon Black 55 C John Avon 27
Worldwake Dead Reckoning Black 56 C Svetlin Velinov 45
Worldwake Death's Shadow Black 57 R Howard Lyon  
Worldwake Jagwasp Swarm Black 58 C Austin Hsu 32
Worldwake Kalastria Highborn Black 59 R D. Alexander Gregory 1
Worldwake Mire's Toll Black 60 C Alex Horley-Orlandelli 33
Worldwake Nemesis Trap Black 61 U Ryan Pancoast 21
Worldwake Pulse Tracker Black 62 C Andrew Robinson 15
Worldwake Quag Vampires Black 63 C Jason Felix 21
Worldwake Quest for the Nihil Stone Black 64 R Mike Bierek 1
Worldwake Ruthless Cullblade Black 65 C rk post 30
Worldwake Scrib Nibblers Black 66 U Daren Bader 14
Worldwake Shoreline Salvager Black 67 U Igor Kieryluk 12
Worldwake Smother Black 68 U Karl Kopinski 12
Worldwake Tomb Hex Black 69 C Izzy 49
Worldwake Urge to Feed Black 70 U Johann Bodin 14
Worldwake Akoum Battlesinger Red 71 C Adi Granov 33
Worldwake Bazaar Trader Red 72 R Matt Cavotta  
Worldwake Bull Rush Red 73 C Christopher Moeller 31
Worldwake Chain Reaction Red 74 R Trevor Claxton 7
Worldwake Claws of Valakut Red 75 C Igor Kieryluk 18
Worldwake Comet Storm Red 76 M Jung Park  
Worldwake Cosi's Ravager Red 77 C Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai 40
Worldwake Crusher Zendikon Red 78 C Ryan Pancoast 34
Worldwake Cunning Sparkmage Red 79 U Wayne Reynolds 5
Worldwake Deathforge Shaman Red 80 U Dave Kendall 12
Worldwake Dragonmaster Outcast Red 81 M Raymond Swanland 1
Worldwake Goblin Roughrider Red 82 C Jesper Ejsing 38
Worldwake Grotag Thrasher Red 83 C Jesper Ejsing 36
Worldwake Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs Red 84 R Paul Bonner 6
Worldwake Mordant Dragon Red 85 R Scott Chou 5
Worldwake Quest for the Goblin Lord Red 86 U Jesper Ejsing 8
Worldwake Ricochet Trap Red 87 U Jaime Jones 7
Worldwake Roiling Terrain Red 88 C Steve Prescott 22
Worldwake Rumbling Aftershocks Red 89 U Tomasz Jedruszek 9
Worldwake Searing Blaze Red 90 C James Paick 9
Worldwake Skitter of Lizards Red 91 C Warren Mahy 26
Worldwake Slavering Nulls Red 92 U Dave Kendall 7
Worldwake Stone Idol Trap Red 93 R Jung Park 10
Worldwake Tuktuk Scrapper Red 94 U Matt Cavotta 10
Worldwake Arbor Elf Green 95 C rk post 1
Worldwake Avenger of Zendikar Green 96 M Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai  
Worldwake Bestial Menace Green 97 U Andrew Robinson 6
Worldwake Canopy Cover Green 98 U Igor Kieryluk 6
Worldwake Explore Green 99 C John Avon 14
Worldwake Feral Contest Green 100 C Daarken 43
Worldwake Gnarlid Pack Green 101 C Johann Bodin 37
Worldwake Grappler Spider Green 102 C Austin Hsu 33
Worldwake Graypelt Hunter Green 103 C Svetlin Velinov 32
Worldwake Groundswell Green 104 C Chris Rahn 12
Worldwake Harabaz Druid Green 105 R Wayne Reynolds 2
Worldwake Joraga Warcaller Green 106 R Steven Belledin 2
Worldwake Leatherback Baloth Green 107 U Dave Kendall 4
Worldwake Nature's Claim Green 108 C Daarken 13
Worldwake Omnath, Locus of Mana Green 109 M Mike Bierek 1
Worldwake Quest for Renewal Green 110 U Tomasz Jedruszek 8
Worldwake Slingbow Trap Green 111 U Daniel Ljunggren 15
Worldwake Snapping Creeper Green 112 C Cyril Van Der Haegen 39
Worldwake Strength of the Tajuru Green 113 R Christopher Moeller 6
Worldwake Summit Apes Green 114 U Véronique Meignaud 14
Worldwake Terastodon Green 115 R Lars Grant-West 4
Worldwake Vastwood Animist Green 116 U Raymond Swanland 14
Worldwake Vastwood Zendikon Green 117 C Rob Alexander 35
Worldwake Wolfbriar Elemental Green 118 R Chippy  
Worldwake Novablast Wurm White/Green 119 M Michael Komarck  
Worldwake Wrexial, the Risen Deep Blue/Black 120 M Eric Deschamps  
Worldwake Amulet of Vigor Artifact 121 R Warren Mahy 2
Worldwake Basilisk Collar Artifact 122 R Howard Lyon  
Worldwake Everflowing Chalice Artifact 123 U Steve Argyle 3
Worldwake Hammer of Ruin Artifact 124 U Vincent Proce 6
Worldwake Hedron Rover Artifact 125 C Jason Felix 30
Worldwake Kitesail Artifact 126 C Cyril Van Der Haegen 29
Worldwake Lodestone Golem Artifact 127 R Chris Rahn 6
Worldwake Pilgrim's Eye Artifact 128 C Dan Scott 32
Worldwake Razor Boomerang Artifact 129 U Franz Vohwinkel 19
Worldwake Seer's Sundial Artifact 130 R Franz Vohwinkel 5
Worldwake Walking Atlas Artifact 131 C Rob Alexander 8
Worldwake Bojuka Bog Land 132 C Howard Lyon 1
Worldwake Celestial Colonnade Land 133 R Eric Deschamps  
Worldwake Creeping Tar Pit Land 134 R Jason Felix  
Worldwake Dread Statuary Land 135 U Jason A. Engle 6
Worldwake Eye of Ugin Land 136 M James Paick  
Worldwake Halimar Depths Land 137 C Volkan Baga  
Worldwake Khalni Garden Land 138 C Ryan Pancoast 14
Worldwake Lavaclaw Reaches Land 139 R Véronique Meignaud 1
Worldwake Quicksand Land 140 C Matt Stewart 20
Worldwake Raging Ravine Land 141 R Todd Lockwood  
Worldwake Sejiri Steppe Land 142 C Anthony Francisco 27
Worldwake Smoldering Spires Land 143 C Rob Alexander 16
Worldwake Stirring Wildwood Land 144 R Eric Deschamps  
Worldwake Tectonic Edge Land 145 U Vincent Proce 3
Worldwake Soldier Ally White 146 Token Kekai Kotaki 29
Worldwake Dragon Red 147 Token Raymond Swanland 15
Worldwake Ogre Red 148 Token Paul Bonner 10
Worldwake Elephant Green 149 Token Lars Grant-West 22
Worldwake Plant Green 150 Token Daren Bader 18
Worldwake Construct Artifact 151 Token Jung Park 12