Lucky 13's 40k Painting Contest

Category 1: Single Miniature, Terminator/Ogryn and smaller

Category 2: Single Vehicle or Monstrous Creature

Entries must be turned in on or before August 6th 2008, with Awards passed out during the Mega-Battle on August 10th

Entries are shown below in order received.



Entry 1: Terminator Captain by Ron H

Entry 2: Chaos Terminator Lord Alex G

Entry 3: Ogryn Bone'Ead by Mike G

Entry 4: Witchhunter Inquisitor by Liz D

Entry 5: Black Templar Chaplain by Cody G

Entry 6: Space Wolf Runepriest by Chris S

Entry 7: Colonel Schaeffer by Jon O

Entry 8: Cadian Kasrkin by William T

Entry 9: Kroot Mercenary by Dara H

Entry 10: Azrael by Jenn L

Entry 11: Space Marine by Chris H



Entry 1: Dreadnought by Ron H

Entry 2: Penitent Engine by Dara H

Entry 3: Necron Monolith By Eric M

Entry 4: Penitent Engine by Liz D